When you are blue...BLOG

This really does help, you know. We are all in this together and just being able to write anything and know there is at least someone who has the same problems does help! I do not know which is worse, the depression or the diabetes. It seems both take a lot of effort to control, doesn’t it? Both make me feel tired. Every day is an effort, but I am able to keep a full time job, take care of my home, so everyone thinks I am fine. LOL But we all know better, right? Thank you all for being here and listening. God bless you all!!!


Speak to Me!!! I’ve been there and not done that. Pardon the stupidity, but what exactly is a blog? I know there is a section on the home page about adding a blog, but I don’t know what it means. I stopped working before “blogging” became the fashion and didn’t have a home computer til now.

Sometimes the depression gets so bad that I want to eat everything in sight. But the problem is, there is no decent food in the house. Finances. And then that reminds me more of why I am depressed. Viscious circle, huh?

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

ya anna both of the problems that of diabetes n depression take too much courage to fight thru…depresson on top of diabetes is the worst thing but we hav to fight them…we all think that our problems are far superior then others but people hav problems which is more agonising then ours…like those of cancers…so we hav to hav a positive outlook towards life n try to lead a happy n contentful life…god bless u dear

Some days are easier to be positive. I manage to let the “outside world” see that. Both my parents were extroverts, and me an intravert. I put on a good face, everyone thinks I am fine. Little do they know. Ohy, by the way… I had cancer when I was 26, so I guess I am a surviver in every sense of the word. I think we all fight every second of our days. It is nice to know others understand how things are. You appreciate the little things in life. I know I do! My cats and husband keep me grounded. One of my cats is a champion, and showing her brings me pleasure. For a while I can pretend I am “normal”. Thanks for listening!

See Lois? This is a blog!

Hi Anna,

I agree with you, something is the little things in life that give o much meaning to it all… I was thinking about it last night while watering my plants. I love them so much, and I get so happy when I have a moment to take care of them. :slight_smile:

i salute u anna for ur bravery in fighiting against all the problems put in front of u…may god always be with u n give u the courage to face everyting bravely


Yeah, I see … finally. This is usually not a site I come on really regularly, though. I probably should.

I have a question to ask of you, but I think it would be better privately. Talk to you later.

Lois La Rose

I assume you have talked to your doctor about your depression? If not, please do ASAP as it is as important as talking to your endo about your numbers. We all know that we diabetics are at risk for depression but the docs often forget that and don’t check our moods when we go to see them. It is so tough dealing with a chronic condition and there is help out there. medication and therapy will do wonders to help you feel back to normal. I know, not more medicine, isn’t diabetes enough?!? It is so worth it though!

The big thing is to stay in touch with folks who understand what you are going through, like all the folks here at tudiabetes. I know when I isolated myself from others who could help, it made the blues much much worse. We are here for you!

I have been having this fight for a few years now. I even went to a diabetic class where at one point the entire group talked about being depressed and angry about having diabetes and my Dr was sitting in on the class and he still doesn’t have a clue about how depressed and angry you can get. I have been diabetic for over 10 years, on a pump for almost 3 and still can not come to terms with it. My husband fusses at me about things that I eat and then makes cakes and pies. I don’t have much support from him. He has gone with me to classes and acts like he has never heard of diabetes. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great guy and I love him to pieces but sometimes I just need to scream. I am angry at my body for betraying me and I hate having to count carbs and worry about what I eat and when so I usually screw things up somehow. I have been lucky so far that I have not done any permanent damage to myself but I figure its just a matter of time. Does anyone else feel this anger and can they get anyone to listen to them?

lol no food in the house, yes i know, i once set out in a storm to walk three miles to get some choclate. I don’t get the blogs either, never use sites, used to prefer to stick my head in a book, like this craic now.

YEP, still angry, still get bogged down, but we can’t give up. NEVER.

i think that betrayal is the worst thing in your list. you feel as though your body betrayed you. we all have to have some objective points to use for reference. you can look at things and say, “yes this is good, i know what this is, i can go forward from here” when those reference points shift, boy does that throw you… my wife has recently said that she has had enough, i’ve been married 19 years, never apart for any amount of time at all, we have three t1 children, there is a lot on her, but she has been a phenomenal support, huge, the largest and most unmovable objective reference point. she can’t take it any more, not so much the diabetes, but she is frustrated by the depression, and i really don’t blame her. my 18 year old was diagnosed 15 years ago… the other two were diagnosed close to each other, less then 2 years ago. i went down and i have not really gotten back up.(i held a job and met the needs of the family and all, just emotionally) it has taken until now to even admit that it is a physical problem… so yes the anger is there, and it is all wrapped up in the rest of life… this site has been so helpful… and like josephine said… “we can never give up. NEVER”

I guess I should thank my stars that I have my husband and that he loves me. I would totally loose it all if he walked away. Maybe your wife could use a vacation either by herself or with a good girlfriend. Sometimes we just need a recharge. I seem to feel worse in winter as I am sure a lot of people do and now that spring is close maybe I can get it together. We like to go camping and now that the weather is getting better we can get away. You know though, for the life of me, I can not figure out why these Drs are so either blank or hardheaded about depression. I have been blown off by about 4 different Drs now. What do you have to do to get your point across?

yes, i am giving my wife a vacation, i went to go help a friend open up a restaurant, am close by, but out of the dust so to speak. you say you are thankful for your husband… my wife and i have been married 19 years, in the closest and most supportive relationship that i thought possible. after two of my children were diagnose two years ago (pretty much on top of each other) i went down and she seems to have cracked…
depression must be a very difficult disease to diagnose. a lot of these “subjective” sorts of conditions, i.e. adhd, depression ect ect are out of most doctors realms. as a society, i think that we have become a little soft, so a lot of people run to medication to treat bad feelings. then there are those who really have an issue. there are no antibodies, there are no measurable items to help discern who is who. that must be hard for a doctor…

alotm of time i have to push myself to get out the door so i can get stuff done with my boys because of it i take alot of meds and rite now not on any for mt depression i was then i want off it because it didnt work anymore so i just try to think of good things like talking to friends about Tudiabetes so they can come check it out or just go to the Temple were i belong and do work there

blogging, is like writing in a journal, except it’s online and other people can read it. in some ways it’s even better than journaling cuz other people can read it and give you advice or comfort or support. and you never have to meet them so u r not embarassed! :slight_smile: as for comfort food, there’s plenty of it in my house. so i gain a ton of weight, which is bad for the diabetes, then a get depressed about the diabetes. that’s my vicous cycle. we prolly all have one! :slight_smile: good luck