Where can I donate a brand new, unopened Dexcom?

Where can I donate a brand new, unopened Dexcom?

Since this is a prescription item, I believe you cannot give it away, If your insurance paid for it, this is another ballgame.

I was able to donate insulin and supplies to a local charity that runs the local Diabetes camp.
I know they found good homes for them.

I recently donated my pump, pump supplies and insulin to an NGO “MATTER” (www.matter.ngo). There is also a “pay-it-forward” group on Facebook. If you have only the Dexcom receiver and no sensors, the Facebook site is the better option. MATTER works with larger volume donations like hospitals.

Also check out your local community free clinic. They probably have a T1 client who could benefit.

That is very nice of you. Whomever gets it will be very happy.

I’m sure the California fire victims could happily use this

Insulin, pens, syringes, needles, etc. are all prescription items. I’m just getting a big box of those together for ifl.

Syringes, needles, insulin in the vial can be bought without a prescription in my state.

Thanks for donating. I am sure folks could use the items.