Where did Friends and Messages go?

In case you are wondering where are your Friends and Messages, fear not!

Tonight there were a few changes made to the network. One of the most important changes was the placement of the Friends List and the Messages List. Beneath your name, on the right, you will find a brand new Inbox and a link to your Friends List, as shown in the image below:

The former "panel" that opened and closed to let you view your friends and messages is now gone for good, letting now view both of these as part of the network itself.

You will also find is that your Friends now will only show the friends you have only within TuDiabetes and not in other networks on Ning (such as Diabetes TalkFest).

There are a few details that changed that we are working to revert back to the way they worked/looked, but in the meantime, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

I noticed that you put a 100 friends limit? is that pemenant?

Hmm… are you getting a message indicating that? All changes were made by Ning, the platform that we run TuDiabetes on.

Please send me as much detail as you can as to what you are observing, amiga.

I wanted to add on new members today,then appeared this flash: you exceeded your 100 nmbers!!! Not a very good idea,I think.
The other changes are nice.What about featuring in our page the group we visit more often,the friends we communicate with more frquently ,just a suggesion.
The design of this site is very artistic and unique,thanks a lot.

I will look into t his, Sohair.

Thanks for the detailed info.

I checked with Ning and they clarified that the 100 friend request limit has actually always been in place prior to the this weekend’s changes. This limit cap is to prevent spamming (obviously not your case, but unfortunately there are folks out there who like to take advantage).

Your option would be to withdraw certain friend requests on your My Friends page should you need to make additional room. Sorry about this limitation… there really isn’t much I can do about it.