Where do you get new medical research information online?

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I’m wondering where you find the most reliable new medical information online.

If I’m looking for information on a specific topic, there is so much information at www.pubmed.gov

But I’d also like to have a source of new medical research information (about diabetes plus everything else) that’s oriented to research or points the way to it, rather than just the popular news media.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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One great source that will give you first a good summary and then point you in the right direction is diaTribe.

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Finding credible information in the wild west of the internet can be daunting. There are quite a number of sites overseen by doctors and other medical professionals like WebMd. And you will find many of these from places like the ADA, Joslin or Mayo. But as many of us have learned these sources of information are often “flawed” even if the supposedly come from professionals. And unless you have an ability to interpret all the science and math in studies, something like pubmed may not be helpful.

And determining whether a governmental site is useful or credible can be hard. There is an organization called Health on the Net Foundation that has established a code of conduct and sites that sign up to follow the code of conduct will display the logo or link to HONCODE. You can see that TuDiabetes has signed up and at the bottom of the home page is the indication.

As far as what I follow for new research and announcements, like @Terry4 I also use Diatribe both as a place to visit and to get their newsletter. I am also a fan of DiabetesInControl, again both a site and newsletter. I also follow the ADA professional newsletter. If you attend the ADA Scientific Sessions they will sign you up, but I believe you can also sign up via this link.

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Thank you so much, Terry and Brian, for the information and for the links!

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I surf medscape quite a little bit…

Helio.com. There’s a vast amount of info on multiple topics, broken out by specialty.

helio.com seems to be some kind of phone company

@MarieB that site might be more accurate than some I’ve seen. :slight_smile:

It’s actually healio.com. Sorry for the typo.

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Thanks so much for the suggestions!

Best wishes to all!


Medscape is my preference.

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