Where do you keep your insulin?

Where do you keep your insulin? I keep mine in the butter compartment of my fridge.

I thought it would be interesting to see the varying places that people store our “liquid gold”.

Butter compartment, next to the yeast, and one or two other need-to-be-refrigerated vials. But no butter.

Go figure.

Right next to the chocolate. :wink:

I keep mine in a little pouch at the bottom of the door of my fridge. All I have to do is look for the pouch instead of fumbling around for the vials, then watching one tumble to the floor and breaking. But I have never done that…:slight_smile:

In the fridge door as high up as the eggs in case any visitors might want some of my liquid gold.lol

I do the samething you do but my butter? Well it’s in the bottom of the frige door!

I use my butter compartment. I only use margarine in a tub now, so that wouldn’t fit in the butter compartment anyway!

Butter Compartment.
I’m noticing a trend here. Since I don’t use butter (or margarine), seems like a good place to store it.

Boxes of pens sit on the middle shelf. . . the butter compartment . . .oddly enough holds . . .butter.

Sorry, couldn’t resist

Yup, i use the butter compartment, too (: It’s just easier for me to remember and not break it trying to find it!

The only problem Iv been told is that its easier to damage/cause crystalization/lose potency to insulin when its kept in the door.
I tend to keep the (IN USE) vial in the door like most but keep the rest on the shelf… and I did notice a slight difference with the predictability of the insulin after a month or two of doing this with fresh insulin.


On the top shelf of my fridge I have eggs, butter, garlic in a jar, green olives, sugar free jello snacks, Lantus, Humalog and a Red Glucagon Box. My Butter compartment is not big enough to hold my insulin.

I remember when I first found online Diabetes connections/discussions and I realize that other PWD out there have the same commen connections. Our “Butter Compartments”.

It is so weird when someone helps me clean up the kitchen after a party/dinner. They are stunned at the amount of insulin in my fridge. Their eyebrows lift when they see what is in my fridge. They ask me if it is OK to put the leftovers on the same shelf as my insulin.

Here is the next questions, where do you store your supplies?

baha. My supplies are all over my house! i have some in my bedroom, but most are in my bathroom…which my sister HATES because she thinks it looks like a hospital medical supply cabinet…my reply to that was diabetic supplies are way more bad ■■■ than any regular medical supplies :wink:
but, I don’t keep butter in the butter compartment, as I don’t eat butter…

I keep sliced cheese in my butter compartment since I LOVE Olivio not real butter. I actually keep my insulins in a neat little box on the top shelf, left side of my refrigerator. The box itself it super cute, I just had to use it for something. It had 2 ridiculously expensive bars of soap in it originally and frankly, the soap was not the reason I bought it! Girls and pink stuff. What can I say?!

One of the veggie drawers is for my diabetes stuff the insulin vials back up pens if pump fails and my juice for low BG

I keep my insulin vials and back up pens on the top shelf of my fridge next to a few juice boxes for when have low BG.

As for my supplies, they are all over my dorm room and bathroom.

Funny I keep mu bg machine beside the computer. The rest I keep in a clear drawer beside my bed! Orginized huh?

How funny:) I keep it in the butter compartment as well…always have! I love that it has a clear pull down door:) When I do not close it…my insulin can go flying as people slam the frig door!

Well interesting, the butter compartment is the place. Well let me be different. I actually have a mini fridge in my room (you know one of those compact dorm ones). I also use it for juice boxes in case if needed for the night time.

In a plastic shoe box on the right hand side of middle shelf in the fridge. I keep both my insulin and my Symilin in the same box. I mail order my prescriptions so my butter compartment is not large enough to hold 3 months supply of insulin and Symilin.

My Insulin, 4 syringes and 3 cottonballs are in a small black leather, zippered, change pouch(never used for change). I keep the pouch in the butter compartment near the cheese slices.