Where do you wear your Dexcom G7

I know adults are supposed to wear the G7 on the back of the arm. I don’t like that location, due to nighttime compression lows. Has anyone tried other locations? How have they worked for you?

arm. I don’t like it either for the same reason. always keep my blood sugar tester thing nearby when it’s saying I’m 54 and really I’m 94.

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Anne_e I just purchased this on etsy. Hoping it will help with those fals readings. I’m not sure how comfortable it will be for sleeping, but it’s worth a shot. Dexcom G7 Cover for Nighttime Prevent Compression Lows Arm/leg - Etsy


I’m using the back of my arm, but slightly toward the inside instead of straight back. With my sleep positions, this avoids compression. I think everyone has to figure out what’s for them.


The authors of the study that Dexcom submitted to FDA for the G7 wrote in their conclusion “The G7 CGM provides accurate glucose readings with single-digit MARD with arm or abdomen placement in adults with diabetes.” https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35157505/


I rotate between my outer upper arm, inner upper arm (so when my arms are down, Dexcom would be aimed at my bra/ribs), and my outer forearm (so if my Dexcom arm was reaching across my body to grab my other elbow, Dexcom would be aimed out). All three work
really well for me, although I do get occasional compression lows from all three sites. Maybe less so with my outer forearm.

I tried my upper outer thigh and that didn’t work for Dexcom (but it works well for infusion sets).

I don’t think I’d like my belly or lower back for Dexcom (although lower back is very comfortable for infusion sets for me), but others have used them.

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That might me an option for me. I’m not using G7 yet because I have a Tandem pump, But that might be great for covering infusion sites on my leg under my cycling shorts. Sometimes the compression of the Lycra shorts causes pain - ouch!.


The abdomen produces the most accurate results for me.



Yeah, but the FDA does require more than cheerleaders (you will note the authors of the paper received money from every CGM manufacturer under the sun.)

So what happens here seems to be that a manufacturer wants some third party to prove that their product is the greatest thing since Theranos, so they go out and pay someone to do some, completely independent, tests of their product. They do so and if they get the right answer the results are reported to the FDA. Remember how smoking is so good for you?

It’s curious because it is actually the application of Darwin’s theorem of natural selection to Science; the researchers who provide the wrong answer don’t get funding.


I used to have abdominal infusion sites below the waist, and Dexcom (G6) on my ribs. But my infusion sites weren’t working well anymore (31 years of injections plus 5+ years of pumping), so I changed things out. Now it’s rib cage infusion sites and upper arm cgm. I noticed that the first few days were smoother and more accurate on my arm. However I use a backpack to carry things, and that can get tricky sometimes when sleeves are short. The cgm sometimes catches the straps of the pack when I’m taking it on or off.