Dexcom G7

Can you really only put the Dexcom G7 on your arm?

Nope, although the arm is the primary recommended area, you can use other areas as well.

You can put it elsewhere, but it’s not approved. Dexcom support people are not even allowed to talk about other sites.

Nurses at my endo’s mentioned using thighs. That won’t work for me – I tried a G6 on my thigh once, and after one bicycle ride it was so irritated I had to change it. But at least this says that some medical personnel are saying that’s OK.

That is not a true statement. Dexcom states:
Choose a site:

  • At least 3 inches (8 centimeters) from any insulin pump infusion set or injection site
  • Away from waistbands, scarring, tattoos, irritation, and bones
  • Unlikely to be bumped, pushed, or laid on while sleeping

They do say: “Our research shows that back of the upper arm wear results in optimal performance” but that is only on the patients they tested and may not be the best place for you. Anywhere your endo recommends or suggests supersedes Dexcom recommendations


None of that says that every such site is OK. Yes, in a way they are speaking out of both sides of the mouth.

A support rep on the phone told me she could not discuss other sites because they are not approved. The endo nurse I saw today agreed.

From the “G7-Start-Here-Guide”:

IMPORTANT! If you wore G6 sensors on
your abdomen, wear G7 sensors on the back
of your upper arm. … a. Age 7 years and older:
Use back of upper arm.

Yes, it can only go on your arm.

The clinical trial Dexcom ran to prove to the FDA the G7 works tested the G7 on both the abdomen and the arm. The results were similar. So just like the G6 that works in both places the G7 can work in both places for some people too. If you choose to use the G7 somewhere other than your arm and the sensor doesn’t last 10 days Dexcom may not replace the sensor.

I’m just speculating here but I wonder if Dexcom chose to only get the arm location approved because the bluetooth transmitter they use in the G7 works better there.

As with the G6 which is approved in the US only on the abdomin- it is prudent to prevaricate and always report failures as on the abdomin. With the G7 there is the option of saying the failed sensor was on the upper arm or abdomin.

G6 failures for me are pretty common but are worse on the abdomin.

Just to clarify, I didn’t say the abdomen was an approved site for the G7, just that it might be the option @Joan3 is looking for. What I didn’t consider is she might be taking care of a child or that 2-6 year olds these days might be posting on TuDiabetes.

From the G7 Start Here Guide

As far as I am concerned (Dexcom user since they first came out with the Dexcom Seven!) “approved” means that was the site that was used in trials. I have used my arms (upper and forearm) upper chest, abdomen area, thighs - all over.


New question about the G7. (Had used the G6) I’ve used if for a year, love that it goes on the arm. This summer, I swim 1,000 meters daily, in an outdoor pool and have found that it seems to be waterlogged on the 8th day. (Sensor fails to connect for upto 3 hours or Sensor Fails.) Should I buy the waterproof overpatch from Amazon for summer swimming. (I will stop swimming come Labor day until next summer)

I did. Can’t tell you how effectively waterproof it is because I have yet to swim this summer (sigh), but I found it comfortable and easy to put on. It lasted the ten days just fine without becoming itchy or anything and covers the whole G7.

The funny thing with G6 arm placement is that despite it being supposedly verboten, their ads, particularly the ones featuring pics of sports stars and celebs, virtually ALL show the sensor in that location. Obviously it would be more of a challenge to have them baring their tummies, the crop top being not so common a style as short sleeves, especially for guys. But I’ve always found it pretty ironic when a Dex support rep gives me the line about upper arm violating the approved location when their promotional materials feature it so predominantly.