Where Do You Wear Your Pump?

Just wondering for all you pumpers out there. Where do you wear your pump ?I clip mine to the pocket of my jeans, but don't always feel like that is safe. I can't wear a dress, and if you wear something without pockets, what to do, what to do ? So, where to wear your pump ? Looking for some input !

I clip mine to the belt loop of pants and then belay the looped tuble around the loose end of the belt. When I go running, I usually bring a belt, with pockets, for my ipod, keys, various food things, and clip the pump to that. Sometimes with suits I'll toss it in the pocket and rig something different but, lately, I'm wearing a suit about once every couple of years so it's not a huge issue for me!

So,you're doing basically what I'm doing, hooking it to a pocket or belt. Thanks for responding ! :)

I keep mine in my pocket. All of my clothes have holes cut in the pockets in order to thread the tubing through.

I used to use the clip that is available for Medtronic pumps. After 3 cracked pumps in the same location, Medtronic figured out that for some reason those clips were cracking my pumps. After quitting using the clip about 3 years ago, I have only had one cracked pump and it was in a completely different location.

I don't own any dresses although I have a couple of skirt outfits. When necessary, I'll use the Med-T clip on the waistband of my skirt. I have also just slipped it inside the top of my pantyhose for an evening out. I have no boobs to speak of so have ever slipped it into my bra.

I actually clip it to the belt loop, rather than the belt itself. it's not a huge difference but the belt loop leaves it "out" a bit, so I can get to it without bothering to disconnect it.

I have posted this before: POCKETS. For a woman it is hidden, easy to access and unseen. At night I wear a cotton bra and slip it in. I only buy slacks with pockets. Skirts are the same. If it is a dress, I can cut a small hole in the pocket to run the tubing through to my pump in my POCKET! After 10+ years of pumping, this works best for me. It is private.

I don't clip mine to the pocket, so much as to the waistband. I throw it in the pocket if I'm wearing something loose like cargo pants. But my new favorite place is not in my bra, (because my bras fit too perfectly for that) but clipped to the center of my bra. I hardly even notice it there and I can wear it like that for dresses as well as skirts or pants.

I wear mine either clipped to the waistband or the center of my bra too. Most things it's usually pretty discreet and I have two bra's just the way they are designed are perfect for wearing my pump clipped to the center of it. I'll use pockets if my pockets are fairly deep.

And here I thought I invented the clipped to the center of the bra thing! Most people talk about inside the center of the bra!

Take off the clip unit and slip it inside your pocket. Most pumps are slim enough to not show thru the pocket. Without a pocket it's trickier. I sometimes put the pump part inside my waistband with only the clip showing. Other times I just don't care!

Yeah, I don't usually care either, but if dressing up, not sure where to put it.

Thanks, I guess if dressing up and going out for dinner, better to wear a skirt and hook it to the waistband as Bolusing with the pump under your clothes would be a bit difficult :)

Yes, that's the thing, you need access if you are out for dinner and need to Bolus

Ah, I have a Ping so I just bolus from the meter/remote.

I see, that would make things easier that's for sure. I have a Contour Link, and it sends my blood sugars to my pump, but them have to press the ACT button to Bolus

I have a cloth case to put it in. The case is attached to a caribiner clip, which I attach to my belt loop. At night is the problem. I never know where to put it, except beside me while I sleep, but then I worry about laying on top of it.

I don't think it hurts at all to lay on top of it, Chris, though it might be uncomfortable! I wear sleep shorts in the summer and thermals in the winter and just hook it on to the waistband. I sleep mainly on my side and stomach so I swing it around to the back. I tried putting it under my pillow the first night because that is what my trainer advised. The first time I turned over both me and my cat were tangled in tubing so I went for the wearing something to hook it onto.

Yes, I do the same thing at night time, just hook the clip at the back of whatever, sleep shorts, pants etc. Then, as I move it stays with me, it's worked well so far.