Sleeping with your pump

I am just wondering how other pumpers sleep with their pumps. Do you clip it onto your shorts or pants? Do you use an elastic belt pouch? Also do you notice it or sleep right on top of it?

Me, sometimes I clip it onto my shorts other times I will stick it into an elastic belt pouch that I got from the Medtronic Minimed store. I used to notice it but now I often find myself sleeping right on top of it. I have yet to kink the tubing and all seems well.

I don’t use a case or a clip. I keep mine in my front pocket all day & at night I wear shorts that my wife sewed velcro into the pocket so it stays closed & the pump stays inside. I don’t notice if I sleep on it or not.

Hi Tell you the truth is I jsut lay my pump beside meand go to sleep… I haven’t had any problems with the way I’m sleeping… Now I have to make sure the cat doesn’t get a hold of the tubing cuz he will chew it in half… so I have to make sure I put it under the covers…before I fall asleep…

I also bought the velcro belt/pouch thing from minimed for sleeping. Since I started using the back of my arms for my sites i tend to pull the site out easier. So the belt thing helps. Without it I wake up with the tubing wrapped around me…

I also just sleep with it next to me in bed. I’ve done it like that for about 4 years and haven’t had any problems.

I never sleep on my stomach, so it has been an easy transition for me.

I clip it on the from of my pajamas or shorts and I am good to go.

I bought the elastic belt pouch (actually three of them) and sometimes wear the pump that way 24 hours a day. I find that it’s handy under dresses, or tighter clothes as it lays flatter. So far (7 months) I haven’t had a problem sleeping. (often right on top of it) I roll around too much to have it hanging loose!

I have the long tubing and I just lay the pump down beside me or put it under the pillow. i’ve probably been tangled in it twice in two years and a few times the pump has fallen to the floor. Fotunately the tubing is so long that I only felt a slight tug and it didn’t pull the set out.


I either toss it in the bed next to me,
or put it under my pillow when I have my site in my arm

If I don't notice it I just leave it clipped to my pajamas (I have only ever put the patch on my stomach) but if it starts bothering me and digging into my hip, I just take it off my pj's and lay it beside me in the bed, I've only had the pump for a year and a half but I have never had a problem with it or gotten tangled in it and have never ripped the patch out. :)

I either clip it to men's sleep shorts or scrub pants, or use a spi belt or tallygear belt. I roll around too much to leave it loose, I'd get tangled for sure!

I use the longer tubing, and tuck it under my pillow. I'm a side sleeper, and I can flip from one side to the other without getting caught in the tubing. I rarely notice it when I sleep unless it starts to buzz or beep at me for some reason. :)

I used to use the MM velcro waist band, which is a good holder but can become hot against the skin. I prefer the spibelt ( My MM522 fits the regular size, but there is also a slightly larger one made specifically for the pump with a little slit to put the tubing through if you wish.

I usually stick it under my pillow or lay or lay it right beside me. I sometimes wake up laying on it but it doesnt bug me. Other times im so tired that i forget to unclip it but that doesnt even bother me. I just have to make sure that my bedroom door is closed all the way cause if its not my cat will chew up the tubing and i will wake up being 500

When I had my old pump I used to just leave it free not clipped to anything, and would wake up sleeping on top of it with the tubing wound all around me. It got kind of annoying, but the clip was really bulky so I didn't like wearing it (this was a Cozmo).

Since I've gotten my Animas with its much slimmer clip, I clip it to my PJs near my stomach, because that's one part of my body I don't really sleep on. It works really well and I never wake up sleeping on it or tangled in the tubing.

Been on the pump a few days now and sleeping with it was concern I had. I use the skinny lock on clip that came with my pump, and hook it to my shorts. The first night I was a bit restless but I did ok. Next night i did the same thing but locked the keypad and went right to sleep. I dont even know it is there. I never get woken up by it.
Love my Pump

After 24 years pumping it's my constant companion. I just put it beside me in bed and go to sleep. I sleap mainly on my back never hardly move so it never wraps the tubing around me.

I use the short tubing and clip the pump to my pj waistband. As I turn, I move it side to front to side. I never sleep on it. It doesn't bother me to move it on the waistband, though that did fray and wear out one waistband!

Good deal Chuck :) A lot of what I was concerned about before pumping turned out to be no big deal too ;)