Pump Supplies

Dear Friends, I use the Accu-Chek Spirit Insulin pump and initially received my pump supplies from Disetronics. At the start of October 2009,they stopped supplying pump items to those with Medicare....even though I had Anthem as my secondary insurance and never owed a penny. I had to find a new supplier..... I switched to LIBERTY and have had problems ever since. My Question....Can anyone advise a reliable supplier of pump supplies?

I am NEW to this GROUP but LOVE what I have seen so far.... I hope to be a regular........ Mark Willoughby T1 34 Years

Mark, up until very recently due to relocating to CT from FL & a change in health insurance, I used Access Infusion Partners. They are in SW FL, but probably service the nation. I had very good experiences with them for the past 4-years. Hope this helps some…

Switch as what most of us did, to Diabetic Supplies of the Mid land, you will have your own agent, which you can easily contact through e-mail or phone…Their website: http://www.diabetes-supply.com/home.asp and the number: 1-800-779-3374 Good lcuk

I called them today and they do not cover Medicare Patients… Thanks…Mark

Not sure if you got a response, but most of the time the actual maufacturer will supply pump supplies to patients with Medicare. And when i got regular ins then i had to switch.