Why an insulin pump could help with diabulimia?!

I really didnt have any knowledge about insulin pumps, they arnt common practice in the UK and are usually offered to Diabetics who have problems with low blood sugar.

My case is the first my diabetic doctor has hears of and was reluctent to give it a try, as it involves funding from the NHS and as we all know they arnt cheap.

Why i think it would benifit me?
Its alway there, its attached to me, its a constant reminder…
I cant swich it off or remove it for any length of time because I would run a high risk of DKA, and any diabetic who has had DKA will know that it is the worst feeling ever. Also if my parents asked me if I’d taken my insluin I cant say “No, I’ll do it later” because I can do it there and then. No, ifs No buts.
I mentioned it to my Doctor and my Psychiatrist, my psychiatrist thought it was a great idea. My diabetic doctor on the other had wasnt convinced at first but we managed to take her into giving me a 6 month trial on the pump to see how it goes.