Why do tu members leave the tu community?

I have been really busy last few months and now that I’m back online more, I have noticed several contributing tudiabetes members are no longer members anymore. What a shame. I wish I could ask them why they aren’t members but that is kind of hard since,… they aren’t members anymore to take questions.
I was just wondering because this is such a great place and even if a cure came around I would still be here. Oh well.

You know Mikey maybe some of those folks are like I was 3 years ago. I never signed off but due to some circumstances (i.e. no computer where I was at at that time) I couldn’t sign in to talk to other’s here. I don’t know just saying…as soon as I got a way to a computer I was back here though. Nothing like Family! THAT’S FOR SURE!!! And I feel like this is part of my family here!

Well I was reading some older topics and when I click on their homepage link it says, “No longer a member”. Kind of a bummer because there was at least 3 old members I noticed so far :frowning:

I call them ghosts. I recall at least one person saying something to the effect that they were mad as hell and weren’t gonna take it any more. But I’m pretty new here…

Some did leave here. I can’t remember just who it was but a few did leave.

Lizmari left. I haven’t seen Kimkat recently. Or duckfiabetes. Interestingly they are all T2’s.
Maybe they were just not feeling the love.

Well, I guess I look on tudiabetes as a circle of friends. Over time, friends drift in and drift out. Your best friend next door moves to Michigan and you lose touch. Life goes on.

I miss the contributions of Lizmari and duck. Hadn’t missed KimKat hope she has not left also. It’s true this is a very T1 oriented site, but as a T2 I still love it here.

There have been some rather contentious discussions and nasty flame wars, but I have also noticed a developing tolerance of different viewpoints here which is great to see. I would hate to see a TuD politically correct view point develop where we are all just preaching to the choir. Of course negativity will never go away. All you can do is have to respect others in your posts, and roll with the punches when they come.

Some of those I can think of who have left… were very prominent and were posting dozens of times a day.

At some point (at least as viewed from MY GENERATION) you have to turn off the computer and get back to real life. Maybe younger people disagree.

tudiabetes can be a valuable resource (perhaps more socially than medical-informationally) but when somebody is posting dozens of times a day? That probably is too much.

I myself have been in psychological situations where diabetes dominates my daily life and becomes a tightly wound neverending loop that was not doing me good … and if someone is using tudiabetes to the point where it is part of such a tight loop then maybe it wasn’t doing them good.

It is sad that they have left. Where have we failed to protect their interests?

I post frequently and I think it helps keep me motivated. I’m T2 on low carb, metformin and exercise. I have opportunities to fall off the bandwagon all day long, so focus for me is a good thing. Agreed that at some point it could become unhealthy.

I read at least 5 times a day but very sledom open a discussion. Every time I see someone post type1 only respond I see the division even though I am insulin dependent. I enjoy different comments on a lot of subjects. It is always interesting to see the knowledge that a lot of the regulars have in general and specificately diabetes. Also it is evident that some will read something and do some research and then respond I think that is great.
There are about 5 bloggers that I read regularly but I always start here.

Keep up the good work that you do:)

I think it does not matter what type you are. I have heard rude comments from both sides. I thought of leaving a while back.because i got flack from people who disagreed with me having a service dog. I am proud to say i am alive today because of the one thing i was critisized for having my diabetic alert dog. I wish people would understand how hard it was for me. I used to wander around the University of Texas campus after work for hours because i was low. That is not only dangerous but i had no memeory at all of what happened. I tried everything i could. I used to check my blood sugars around 14-16 times a day and still miss lows. SInce i have my alert dog i am down to having very few lows and my best alc. I am thankful to many of the members on here for helping me to find ways to get improve my a1c and to continually improve. So i guess there is the good and the bad like any social networking site. Tu is part of my family and i am glad i stayed.

Thanks for the kind words about TuDiabetes!


I cannot speak to the specifics behind the reasons causing the departure of members, but as long as past members are aware of the importance of participating in the community within the values of TuDiabetes and as long as they left on their own (i.e. their membership wasn’t terminated due to violation of our guidelines), the community continues to be open for them to come back.

This is by far the best diabetes community and I am puzzled about how someone could walk away or be kicked. Though I probably said a few dumb things that almost got me kicked :wink: I wouldn’t walk away on my own. This place is too resourceful for that. I think I have learned more about diabetes in the last year from TU than I have in the last 7-8 years from books and doctors,… thanks to all of you!
I think my main concern whether they left or got kicked is that it says a lot about how they are taking care of their diabetes. Which I hope they are.

Sometimes people just need support and they come here for it. Then others may get bored with online life and get one of those real life friends that are in the same position. I am here because out of everyone I know I am the only T1 that I know. So it is good that a place like this exist because I have found I am not the only one going through this and it is nice to check in here to talk to others that are dealing with the same thing.

Well speaking from a serial social networking abandoner myself sometimes people just get over it. I know this place is def different than lets say FaceBook but it is still a social network site. I have joined every popular social site out there and some time after a few months my adult ADD sets in and I am no longer interested. I will get fully invovled then its like one day I’m done and I never look back…I know I am weird,lol…I doubt I will do that hear but maybe those who leave are weird like me also…

So glad your service dog is working out so well. I used to be in the cattle business and my favorite part was working with my stock dogs. Also glad you stuck around so you could share your story.