Why does it cost extra for diabetics to retain their drivers license?

It urks me - here in the province of Quebec - in Canada - every 2 years I have to have certain forms filled out in order to continue to drive and for some reason the charges my doctors make for just signing the form continues to go up! Check out the blog I wrote the other day - I'd love to hear if you have to go thru' a similar thing like I do .... http://www.diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog/2009/7/29

I guess I learn something new all the time. Cause I live in Texas and never heard of this bogus. Maybe you should advocate about this at your city hall.

I’m so glad it’s not like that here. I would go broke. Keep driving the motorcycle, and don’t let these money sucking people put you down. They do I’ll go and kick some butt for you. LOL Patti

I just paid 120 bucks in canadian funny money to have the GP fill out the form. needs to be done every years on the other hand i did not pay the ophtalmologist a penny because I am a diabetic so kinda washes. Cataract onperationon both eyes was mostly free. $85 for extra test and $100 for drops and $4000 taken care of by Ralph’s replacement. I asked Dr to add letter that I composed saying I was good for another 3 years before next test. Will see if this flies. If not my favorite female will be my chauffeur.

Same here in MI, no additional charge for license. First time I renewed after being diagnosed told the clerk my health change and was told thanks for the info, but not necessary! I do know that if you doctor has concerns about you driving they can request forms and inform state of your condition(mom has alzhiemers and doctor requested forms). Still no charge!

Hi Anna,
Way back in the cave man days (lol) they never asked these kinds of questions. I finally felt guilty and compelled to check the box on the DMV form that states that I have a condition that MAY affect my driving. Here in CA there was no charge and no Dr. note requirement. However my insurance company has no knowledge and I have no plans of disclosing as they will hike up my rates - total rip off. I’ve called the ADA with no satisfactory response abouth the $$ discrimination. I thought you had universal health care in Canada - so you have to pay extra for your Dr. notes? I’ve never had an accident or any situation where my D put anyone at risk though. Plenty of people have plowed into me in my liberal sunshine state (one of the downfalls here in CA is that anyone can drive and get away with it - legal or not) and I could go on and on. But yes in response to your Blog - it is unfair.

What you said about CA is wrong. You need to prove that you’re a citizen or that you are legally present in this country to get a driving license here. And for non-citizens (e.g. H1b visa holders), the license is only valid until the expiry date on the I-94 form (the form which tells how long the person can legally stay in the country).

As I stated below…in CA everyone and anyone drives - legal or not. There are just too many driving illegally the CHP could not possibly “catch” them all. I cannot count on my hand how many times I have been hit and run by most probably someone w/o a valid right to drive here.

back tracking to 1997 ( ?) I had issues with driving …and a LO ( darn NPH insulin ) ; was able to get off the road ( Sea to Sky ) , west coast without an accident and reported this to my Endo , who by law reported it to Motor vehicle Branch.It is duly noted on my file, that I have diabetes …moved to interior of BC and had several incidences of lows while walking ; never needed medical assistance …again told my Internist ; he kept on advising me : more NPH …I kept on saying : NO . MY GP had to report this again just prior to going on the pump .Had a medical , paid $ 25.00 at the time ( ? ) Phone calls to Victoria , BC …cause the dear Victoria lady had not followed up with my GP and my drivers licence was revoked . Finally got it back , when I was able to prove , that I would be pumping . Had follow up visits with GP( for a fee …$ 30.00 by now ??) ) …but now I have my drivers licence for 5 years( since 2008 ) and I did NOT receive a letter for medical follow up this birthday . When one approaches one’s 80 th BD , one requires a medical exam and every 2 years there after. I have no regrets, that I reported this to my doctors …I knew, that the stuff I was taking to sustain life was not helping me …I consider myself a happy camper now , most of the time

So, question to some of you then - are you saying that on your drivers license form you would not state that you have a medical condition? I am trying to remember when I moved here to Quebec (I lived in Ontario before) - if I had to put something down on the form. Probably it did, and I being honest - ticked off yes, as well as ticking off that I wear spectacles.