Why oh why does Canada suck so bad at getting stuff

I have been debating the idea about getting a pump for such a long time and the only reason i haven’t is because i didn’t like the idea of the cord and stuff like that. So just recently when i saw the omnipod i was like ooo! but once i did a little bit more research i discover that it’s not in Canada yet. Why does it take so long for stuff like that to come to Canada?

Man, that’s a loaded question. Here are some responses that come to mind, and I mean them all in good humor:

  1. Because you’re second class citizens of the world.
  2. Because you have national health care
  3. Because you pay in Canadian dollars
  4. Because the tubing is manufactured in Winnipeg.
  5. Because the Omnipod is easily mistaken for a hockey puck
  6. Because nobody has come up with a French wordf for “Omnipod” yet

Terry :slight_smile:

What the hell is a pump ;-)?

It took 20 years for the Dusseldorf Project (carb counting or “DAFNE”) to cross the North Sea to reach Britain. Whatever a pump is won’t, by my estimation, be generally available for – ooh, what shall we say? – another 10-15 years:-))

This is funny …your responses Terry …would the weather have some bearing as well ?

haha ok so my solution to this problem is I need someone to supply me with a pod and just ship it to me like when lantus wasn’t approved in canada and i was taking that… and i’ve looked at the specs for the pod and there is no way i would mistake that for a puck. Also je pense que la mot en francais pour l’omnipod est pod-omni seeing as how french people are pretty much backwards…

The word OmniPod translates perfectly into French as “l’OmniPod” ;-)) All you need to do is pronounce it in a convincingly French way!

Terry. I like your responses 4 to 6 especially.The french word would be, Pod duh! Omni.And I stress the Duh.I hope no one French reads this.We are trained here to laugh at any remark made about Canada,because we are just glad people are talking about us at all.Take care Bob.

Why does it take so long for stuff like that to come to Canada?

Check out http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/dhp-mps/homologation-licensing/info-renseign/hist-eng.php

I wouldn’t be so sure Health Canada is to blame. It surprised me to find out that Lantus was approved by Health Canada rather quickly and the delay introducing it to Canada was due to Sanofi looking for assurances and price guarantees so that the mail-order Canadian drug business to the US wouldn’t undercut their business south of the border.

But we do suffer from a small market. The need for these companies to maintain a separate company, distribution and support structure in Canada to sell their products certainly doesn’t help. I have no idea why Canada doesn’t allow pump companies to service Canada from the US. The medtronic supplies, at least, have “world” packaging with lots of different languages so the lack of french is not really an issue.

I think that the companies need to go through separate approvals with regulation agencies in each country. So I think it depends both on the company and on the regulatory agency. I live in Hungary and this is such a small market that companies don’t have much incentive. Only Medtronic is bringing in the latest technology and I do not think it is caused by national health insurance, but the lack of incentive for the company to meet the regulatory requirements. (This is an impression; I’m not certain).

and also include the french laugh like the chef in the little mermaid… L’omnipod, wahhuhhuhhuh!

Actually the reason lantus took so long is because health canada figures that it was too close to other long acting insulin such as Lente, and NPH which is completely bogus… they need a few diabetics on their team to tell them what is really up with stuff.