Will a Dexcom G5 transmitter work with a G4 receiver?

I have a Dexcom G4 and the transmitter battery died recently. When I called my supplier, they quoted me at $500+ to replace the transmitter (with insurance)! I looked at ebay for transmitters and the only ones being sold are G5 transmitters for a more affordable price. Will it work with my G4 receiver?

Any suggestions welcome!

I don’t think so. The G5 uses Bluetooth and the G4 doesn’t (unless you have the Share receiver in the US).

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No, the G5 transmitter will not work with the G4 receiver. The G4 and G5 sensors are one and the same and are compatible with both the G4 and G5 transmitters.

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Something seems weird about the price you are quoted. Do you have a high deductible plan? Was it priced under pharmacy or DME? Typically insurance will cover transmitters as DME with a coinsurance rate like 10-30%. I would suggest you look carefully at your plan benefits and see if you were given proper information.

I have a gold tier plan with a $500 deductible, but the insurance will only cover 50% of Dexcom supplies. I moved recently so this is only my second month on this plan. I called my insurance company and they told me that my deductible balance is still at $0 even though I’ve seen doctors and bought medicine with it. Pretty odd… I thought I knew insurance!

I would question their claims.

Hi new to the forum. We use the g5 with the g4 receiver and our iphone. The g4 has a longer reach than the phone regarding receiver. Dexcom helped us set it up over the phone.

I know this is an old post. But my understanding is now if you call dexcom they will send you a USB key with a software update program. This will update the G4 receiver to work with the G5 sensor transmitters.
I’m waiting on mine in the mail currently, but I don’t expect any problems.

This is the first I’ve heard of a USB key update. I understand that Dexcom’s current sensors are compatible with the G4, G4+Share, and G5 receivers already. Maybe the update is for something else.

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I believe Terry4 is correct; they are compatible.

My understanding was that Dexcom provided an update tool that runs on your PC or Mac and you connect to the Dexcom receiver with a USB cable. Maybe if you don’t have a computer they have a method to use a USB drive. Do you not have a computer?

Both the G4 and G5 use exactly the same G4/G5 sensors. And my understanding is that the G5 transceiver is not compatible at all with the G4 receiver (and vice versa), they use totally different radio frequencies and protocols.

A G4 Share receiver can be updated to G5 with a software update that you need a “key” or authorization code from Dexcom to access. You use the USB cord from your charger to hook your receiver to your computer. This receiver is labeled “Dexcom with Share” on the front.

A regular G4 receiver cannot be updated to G5 because it does not have Bluetooth built into it. It has been a while since regular G4 receivers have been shipped, so hopefully most users have the G4 with Share.


Great answer @Laddie

I purchased G4 without Share about 2 years ago, and was sent a free G4 with share receiver when it first came out a few months later. So most, if not all users that had an in-warranty G4 w/o Share were likely shipped one free, without even asking !

I notice on the dexcom website, it’s all about G5. You wouldn’t even know about G4 unless you search for it. I hope they keep selling the G4 transmitters, since they last longer than the 2 G5s, and thus cost less.

Since they are still selling pumps like the Ping that only work with the G4 transmitter, the G4 transmitter will continue to be sold until at least four years after the last of these pumps is sold, is my guess. Also, some countries (like Canada) are still using the G4—the Share never even came to us, and G5 was just approved about a month ago but is not yet being sold. (It’ll be interesting to see how popular the G5 is in Canada, since virtually all of us pay for CGM entirely ourselves and I suspect the limited transmitter life will have a major impact for people considering the upgrade.)

Good points. But I still feel their marketing and sales reps will lean new users (and doctors) to G5 (where available), even if the G4 would be just as good, and potentially lower cost for the user.

Well I guess I can’t update mine, it’s a basic G4 and I wasn’t provided a G4 share updated receiver when it came out since I didn’t know about it.
But the update took and key will work with the G4 share since it has bkuetooth already.
I was told their is no end of life on the G4 or G4 share as of now. But as the G6 comes out, maybe the small version 2 of the G6 then they may start ending the G4.
Who knows, or they may still keep it around. But if they make something more accurate and can’t update the G4 to be more accurate then why keep it around. The older tech may be cheaper, but companies can also make thing cheaper is they sell more and manufacture more of them. So cheaper can happen both way, I would think cheaper and better more accurate is the better way to go.
Well as the new year comes up it looks like I won’t be approved anyway. Unfortunately I didn’t know UnitedHealth Care had become pricks in choosing only one pump option now before I signed in for another year with them. And my tslim is up in 10 months, so I guess I will go off the pump for two months and get another health care provider next year. But I can’t help to think this also has something to do with them fighting my dexcom approval. Maybe they want to sing up with Medtronics for them as the only approved CGM next?

Well anywa, Thanks to all that replied and happy holidays.

I know this is an old discussion. I’m still using G4 with share - longer range and 6 months+ - G5 can’t replace it for me. As for the G6 - I can’t become a fan of a 10-day sensor hard shut-off, but we’ll see how it goes once it’s shipped. Anyone still on G4?

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I’m still using the G4 and intend to hold back from moving forward for a year or two.

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Good I’m not alone!