Will a Dexcom G5 receiver work with a G4 transmitter?

I currently use a Dexcom Platinum G4 transmitter due to it great battery life as opposed to the G5 which I have stopped using as it only lasts 3 months.

I need to purchase a receiver for the G4 - (but before I purchase), I would like to know if anyone knows if I can use a Dexcom G5 receiver with the Dexcom G4 transmitter?

That’s a good question.
I know a G4 receiver with Share will work with G5 transmitter, but don’t know if reverse is true.

I hope to continue using G4 receiver and G4 transmitter as long as possible.

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The only component common to both the G4 and G5 systems is the sensor. The G4+Share receiver may be reprogrammed to convert it into a G5 receiver, but then that receiver could only be used going forward with a G5 transmitter.

To answer your question, a G5 receiver cannot work with a G4 transmitter.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. Much appreciated.

There is lots of confusing comments and advice out there so I really appreciated your very clear answer.

I’ll now try and find a secondhand G4 receiver on eBay. A new one is over 800 dollars here in Australia.

All the very best.