Wonderful Meeting!

I had the Most wonderful encounter yesterday at the local WalMart! I was looking at the Sugar free candy and debating on whether I’d try it. I’ve heard awful stories about them making people sick, so I’ve been hesitant to buy any. A woman picked some up, so I asked her if she liked or ever had a problem with them. She replied," Well, I’m diabetic so…" Needless to say that started a fascinating dialogue. She too was diagnosed at 30 and has been diabetic for 29 years. Classic case of what they thought was Gestational till she got really sick. She was sooo nice, and we stood there talking about insulin, other people’s advice and everything. It was just so nice to have someone who could relate. Interestingly, I’m the only other Type 1 she had ever met. She had never seen an insulin pen or an endocrinologist, and she is in great control. She gave me a lot of good advice and of course I pointed her to this web site. Anyway, it really gave me a boost and now I have a new friend to relate to! If she reads this, I have to say THANX!

Sometimes its those little positives that help the most. Sounds like a great conversation.

Personally, I avoid maltitol in any but the smallest dose - i don’t care for the taste, and I really don’t like how it upsets my digestion. I go for small amounts of dark chocolate instead of the sugar-free stuff. Never eat the hard candy type, so can’t give you an opinion there.