The difference a day makes

Yesterday afternoon I discovered diabetic chocolates. Early this morning, I discovered why they’re not such a great idea…

I have never experienced this(I eat “sugar free” often, no consequences), but know it happens to many of us! LMAO!

Sorry to hear you had to learn this the hard way. I learned the same lesson about 20 yrs ago.

But at least now you know what to do if you’re ever “irregular” :slight_smile:

Have had the same experience. My experience didn’t want until morning. I stay away from all those sugar alcohols. Low carb ice cream has the same effect–beware:)

I felt the same when I was first diagnosed…I said to myself "its okay…theres so many sugar free chocolates, sugar free drinks, sugar free cakes, sugar free muffins, Low carb this…etc, I can eat. Then I read books and surf the internet and read journals…it popped my bubble! I realized reading is dangerous to your health! LOL! Just kidding. Its good though that we keep ouselves updated and informed. Fine prints should be read well. Some chemicals and ingredients may be harmful.

I felt the same way about sugar free goodies until I read the labels. I am a chronic label reader [takes me twice as long to grocery shop due to label reading.]
With the ingredients in them, it ain’t worth it. If you have a craving, eat a single piece of regular candy in tiny nibbles [Reeses’s PB minatures is my choice, which I keep under all in the veggie drawer of the fridge so if I really want it I have to dig for it].

They should seriously warn us…no, really warn us…not just the “May cause laxative effect” label…and sometimes there’s no label! It may be a rite of passage for the young diabetic…I’m not sure. My experience was on a DECA trip far, far from home. We had gone as a group to the candy store to load up, and I (not experienced with the sugar free stuff), bought probably a pound of sugar free sour apple tape, licorice, gummy cherries, etc. from the bulk bins. It was a terrible night in the hotel.

I finally had to very nicely ask people to stop buying me sugar-free chocolates at Halloween, Easter, and Christmas.

Oh, girl, we have all been there…(In the bathroom, with the Hershey squirts, cussing the sugarfree candy of the world!). Like some of the others, I don’t even bother with the sugar free stuff anymore. Or I search high and low to make sure sugar free doesn’t have sugar alcohol. If I get a craving I go for the full leaded version, bolus and be done with it. Sorry you had to learn this lesson…but as you can tell you weren’t the first and won’t be the last.

Not heard of that effect or suffered it yet. Most “sugar free chocolate” isn’t very good. What we sometimes (infrequently) do is buy Lindt 70% dark chocolate but eat only one square at a time. It’s so intense with choc flavour, it usually satisfies my sweet something urge after a meal. But, good to know…I eat an apple a day, sometimes two, and that keeps me a regular guy, good fibre.

Yeah…there’s always a catch!!!