Won't break your digits 3 Carb, 3 Ingredient, 3 minute Pancakes!

They were very easy on my BG! I didn’t completely discount them, especially with the berries, but quite simple to manage.

That’s happy news!

Looks like a fish! :wink:


Hi Cynthia,

What to you grease pan with? Have an insensitivity to coconut Wondering if I can use a bit
of almond flour?

I use olive oil with good results…

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Thanks Thas, good idea!

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I made them this weekend!
I ended up using more cream cheese and also adding some almond flour because the batter seemed really thin and I was afraid they won’t hold together. Maybe if I was going for more of a Swedish pancake it would have worked for that?

They turned out great though just a little higher in carbs due to my tweaking with the original recipe.

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Can’t wait to try!:grinning:

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I use coconut oil or good quality butter!!! I hope they are yummy!

Let us see a picture!!! yummo!

I add a little coconut flour when I want them a bit fluffier! Good call with the almond! even though the 3 ingredient batter is really thin…they work! But then again as you mentioned…more like a swedish pancake or crepe?! But I love those!

I am so happy you tried them! How were they on your diabetes!?


You are welcome!

Good to know! I’ve never tried oil!

here fishy fishy!!!

These are very similar to my low carb Latkes. Actually this will make about 30 small pancakes which ends up about 2-3 g carb per pancake. If you substitute almond meal for the flour and splenda for the sugar and make 15 larger pancakes, they are about 3-4 gram carbs per pancake. To make them fluffier add a tsp of baking powder.

Hi Brian,
Desperately need to shed 20 lbs. Want to try LCHF way of eating but must admit it’s a shock to my old brain to fully understand how it bodes well for one’s health. Sure, low carb = no problem. It’s the high fat that doesn’t make sense to me, as yet. I’ve been using Skim-Plus, nearly avoiding all butter, etc.

Triglycerides are low; HDL good, LDL could be lower (98), and cholesterol holding at 191. Concerned that consuming high fats could negatively affect me but, hey, willing to try it out.

If you have time, could you please give recipe for your low carb latkes? I thought potatoes (which I hate giving up) were on the ‘do not use’ list.

Brian, just saw your recipe. Forgive me; I am NOT techno-savy!:roll_eyes:

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I think to really be successful at LCHF you need to come to terms with eating fat. Many people find that after eating high fat for some months their cholesterol actually improves. I personally could care less about my cholesterol, if anything I think high blood sugars are the biggest issue.

You can access my recipe from the link in my post above, but because you are such a nice person and Passover is coming up, here it is again:

In celebration of the very important Jewish holiday of Passover I am giving you you my recipe for Cheese Latkes. Latkes are a traditional Jewish food served during both Hanukkah and Passover. You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy them. I would note that most recipes for Latkes are synonymous with potato pancakes and are pretty darn high carb. It is my position that since potatoes are a new world food, truly traditional latkes must be made from cheese. My recipe is is based on one from Tory Avey.

Brian’s Low Carb Cheese Latkes

1 15-ounce container ricotta cheese
4 eggs
6 tablespoons all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons butter, melted and cooled
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Butter and/or vegetable oil for frying (I clarify the butter and use a butter/oil mixture)

Mix cheese, eggs, flour, melted butter, sugar and vanilla in a food processor

In a heavy griddle, heat oil (or butter) and cook the latkes similar to how you would cook pancakes, usually about 4-5 minutes

The estimated carb content for the entire batch is 85g, about 35g of which comes from the flour. You could readily substitute for the flour and get it even lower, but as written, this ends up with about 10g carbs for 2-3 latkes. Also, you could substitute for the sugar, but actually I found that the sugar made a big difference in how well the latkes fried, becoming caramelized and forming a crispy crust, hence I keep the sugar. If you really want low carb, substitute almond meal for the flour and splenda for the sugar.

Early Chag Sameach


@cynthia_rogers They tasted great!
We made them a little smaller in size and also fried some turkey bacon on the side for a little bit of added protein. Since I skipped breakfast that day it was essentially brunch, so I allowed myself to eat a little more than my usual 6-8 grams carbs for breakfast. I didn’t experience a BG spike (I think my BG was in the low 90s afterwards). So it’s a success in my book!

I really want to give coconut flour a try since it seems to work better for achieving a more fluffy-cake-y texture but when I look at the labels they say there’s 21 grams of carbs for a 1/4 cup (and that’s for organic flour with the only ingredient being coconut). So many low-carbers use it though, so I wonder if I’m missing something?

Haha, @Brian_BSC, thanks for sharing your recipe.
I will actually be celebrating Passover this year with some family in Israel.
No matzos or matzo ball soup for me though. :sweat_smile:

I’m still trying to figure out my insulin regime for this long 24 hour trip there plus the 10 hour time difference but that’s another topic.