World Diabetes

The following video is very revealing. I can thank Richard who appears all over in Diabetes websites. Everyone should watch it. Send it to relatives and friends.

That is so sad but so true! Pl have to relize that this kills and we may be good one day then the next be really sick! Thank you for that website!

I think the video gets to the heart of the problem re: Diabetes and how people think it is no big thing. I got one reply from a dear friend who is aware of the consequences of poor Diabetes management.

That so true noboby really knows what can happen if you have really bad control and keep it that way. For me I had a 1st cousin who had very bad control and had both legs amputated all of her fingers on both hands minus the only 2 she had left that was one on each hand and had to have a kidney transplant that her mother gave her 1 of her kidneys so her only child would be here to take care of her mother and father but alas she passed about 5 years ago and left her father, mother, husband, and child behind from a heartattack. Now her father is an alshimer patent and a Type 2 himself. Both my uncle and aunt are in their 70’s with out their daughter and it’s really sad to hear my aunt talk about “her Debbie”. I don’t want to leave that for my kids and husband. My mom passed 2 1/2 years ago and my dad…well he’s my dad.

It is sad when parents have to bury their child. I can only imagine how they felt and how they feel now…so sad.