Worst Carb Meals Out There

I saw a commercial last night for what struck me as one of the highest carb meals that I have ever seen – a bread bowl filled with pasta. Then, today, I saw deepdish pizza, piled high with pasta as the topping.

And, here in NYC, there were a couple of newspaper articles about the calorie contents of the entrees at certain national food chains (and I don’t mean the fast food chains) – one meal was 3,200 calories (and that is without an appetizer or dessert)!

It got me thinking, what is the highest carb or highest calorie meal you have ever seen?

I don’t know if it is good of bad but I use bread to treat lows. Any kind works white is the best.

I once saw a diabetic ( I asked him because he had an amputated foot) eating a large pizza by himself at Costco somewhere in Oregon. It must of been quite a blast of carbs and fat. He told me he did not let his disease harm his enjoyment of life. I was amazed at the expreience being a diabetic newbie then and really worried about the disease since my brother developped gangerened feet. But I must admit I had some admiration for the kamikazi pilot eating the pizza.

anything from diary queen, mainly because their ice cream is very high carbed and it has transfat in it!

I just saw that pasta bread bowl advertised in our newspaper. Egads!!!

The highest carb meal item I’ve eaten is the big bowl of Pad Thai that used to be one of my favorite meals. Somewhere north of 120 g for one bowl at the little Hippie noodle shop in the center of Amherst MA. But Good. Used to be one of my favorite meals.

i know what commercial you are talking about with the bread bowl!
i think it’s pizza hut.

the most carbs i’ve had in a meal
was just over 125g.

in my calorie king book
Sonic: Breaded Chicken Sandwich 496g

i double checked, yeah i read that right!
i assume that comes with a mountain of fries and a XL milk shake or something!
thats crazy!

A large Misto with Italian Ice from Rita’s Ice is over 150g or carb.

I have consumed that bread bowl when I was pregnant! It was divine. Chicken Carbonara with no onions and extra chicken.


As for how many carbs, I don’t remember, but I plan on eating it again. I usually just dose and dual wave it, haven’t had a problem :slight_smile:

I have to confess that I have had many high carb meals – some even as high as 200. I’m pretty decent at getting the carb count right, so I will indulge every once in a while (or more frequently), like a burger with fries. Gotta enjoy life.

enjoy it and have a happy belly!

Poutine! French fries, cheese curds, and gravy - a Montreal delicacy. And to think I actually made J’ (heart) POUTINE bumperstickers at one point… I have had none since my diagnoses, probably a good idea for now…

See this link, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poutine



I know the place. Way too much. There is a place near me that I take my daughter to on a regular basis that does a large burger, on a big bun, served with any number of toppings, including a bacon cheese burger topped with guacamole, and served with a heaping pile of french fries. I often see people there starting off with mozzarella sticks or chips drenched in cheese sauce, and washing it down with a couple of cokes. Ugh!!

Cheeburger Cheeburger has something like that. Eat a 20 ounce burger and get a picture of myself throwing up. I always order the “Beginner” burger.

20 ounces? OMG!! How can anyone eat that much? It is gluttony for the sake of what? No wonder there is an obesity problem in this country. How many calories in a 20 ounce burger? But, when I was in college, there was a local bar that had a series of drinks called the “Ba%^&d Series” – Suffering, Dying and Dead. Lots would try to get through the whole series, few could. Thankfully, I was the designated driver back then.

A Chipotle burrito for me has 126 carbs and that’s probably the highest carb meal I eat. It contains a big shell and lots of rice and beans. The other stuff is pretty much free food. My blood sugar gets a big spike after a few hours though.

i love you volcano taco box! But it needs more fire sauce!

Haha after reading these I love that this disease turns us into nazi health freaks. Worst high carb meal? I would say mc donalds super sized anything… or stuffed crust pizza, and the bread bowl thing.

The IHOP stuffed French Toast Combo sounds like a doozy: cinnamon/raisin French Toast, stuffed w/ sweet cream cheese, topped with a strawberry-whipped cream topping, served with 2 eggs, hash brown potatoes, and 2 bacon or sausage. 1476 calories, 76 gm fat, and 173 gm carb.

“nazi health freaks”…I love it…

Taco Bell the fully loaded salad. I thought salads were supposed to be healthy.