WOW, to have diabetes and,

Brain injury from a car wreck. I used to be able to feel my BS, within a couple of nanometers, now, don’t have the slightest clue as to where it is. Heck, right now it could be 1200? No, I know it isn’t that high, but had a 430 other day! And the other day had a 43, then too low to even register! Let’s see, a couple of times, minimed sent me two pumps new, because the keep sending me bunk ones?
DOCTORS, or nutritionist are a joke, they sit with you for like a 1/2 hour, and think they will solve all the kinks with YOUR disease, lol. I feel that there isn’t time for any help out there?
Does anyone know of any support pump groups in NJ 07405?
BRB while I adjust the basal rates endlessly:)
Nah I think I finagled them enough and they are somewhat otay:)
Adios, hope everyone reading this spam, I meant blog, has good #s:)

Hi: I am in Butler too. If you find any support groups let me know. I am a lot older than you, and have been “around the block a few times”. I use the MM pump and CGM. Tri-boro ambulance are constant visitors to our house !!! Just hang-in there…and if you have any questions, far be it that I am an “expert”, but I am reality and know exactly how it is. Feel free to e-mail. Don’t be alone and feel you have no one to talk to.
Type 1 - 57 years…

lol, support groups, the only ones I have ever found where down in like Edison, or NYC, none up in the sticks by us:(