I don't know how I could be still alive? after the mayhem that I have been through?

Lets see? FIRST I almost died from a car wreck 81101, now, I have to deal with the diabetes epidemic, with the yittiest pump ever I think, minimed paradigm723, or medtronics, what a joke:(
Today and yesterday I had over 400s, today I woke up with bout a 450 something, so that is why I adjusted my basal rates all the time, because the only doctor that is with you a lot of the time is yourself, plus it takes wayyy to long to see the doctor again, so while you are having whatevers with your blood sugar, they are having lucheons, with other doctors, at Tarvern on The Green in NYC in Central Park.
Oh, does anyone know if putting your bottles of insulin, and cartiges you fill in the frig., take any of the potency away? I know before you are supposed to have them in the frig, before you open them. But after you fill the canasters?
I show know some of these questions after being a t1 sinse I was 16, and how do you know if you might get a leg detached? The feeling in my feet are fine, but later?
Except for that rusty nail I steped on the other day, but it went only half way in, so it should heal fine:) I am just kiding, I have been through enough to be serious all the time:)
rickyd227@gmail.com, I can send the bio I am writing to you bout the car wreck also:)_
GGGGRRRRRRRR week signal WTFFFFFFFFF, stupid pump:( It is right next to the sensor, how can it be a weak signal?
And other stupid alarms I get, oh and I have been trying to get supplies sometimes, and you can only call between like 6am-2pm, or some dumb ■■■ hours, with animus, you can call wheneever you want!
I am bout to give up and just check out, I will leave the keys with bell hop!

My son’s doctors told us not to fill his pump cartridge with insulin right out of the fridge. They told us that it needs to be room temp before filling the cartridge. If the insulin is cold it will cause too much air in the tubing etc. Hope this helps with the high blood sugars.

Ricky, please don’t “check out!” - though I can understand the feeling.

I had a day where my pump/CGM (which I had for under a week) was going crazy with “Weak Signal” alarms, and I concluded that the problem wasn’t the radio signal from the transmitter to the pump, but the ability of the sensor to get a “signal” of my blood sugar! (I pushed it deeper in my skin and the alarm went away, I move around and the alarm comes back. Also, a laptop on my lap is horrible for the thing!)

Don’t give up … it just takes time. I’ve had a pump for a long time but just started the CGM. The nurse who trained me asked me to go through one box of sensors (30 days) before making the decision of I wanted to quit on it or not. So far, I’m doing OK. My calibrations aren’t so good so the readings aren’t so accurate, but I figure live and learn… it takes time.

If you’re waking up with a BG of 400 or 450 (did you check for keytones?) I don’t think it’s a basal problem. Maybe you’re insertions of the pump and/or the CGM aren’t good. But not enough info to tell you.

Insulin really doesn’t need to be refrigerated, but a good idea is to keep unopened vials in the fridge so they don’t go through big temp fluctuations. Once you take them out, leave them out. It’s better to inject when they are at room temp anyway.

As far as the possibility of losing feet, etc - I confess; I’ve had D for 30 years (since age 7) and never been to a podiatrist/foot doctor.

I think you can order supplies from Medtronic online (never done it though!) – it should be much easier than calling. If you have questions, ask them here. Even at 4am, someone, somewhere in the world, is on Tu and is ready to help.

I see you live in Butler, not far from me. I’ve found my endo in Morristown to be excellent (and I’ve had bad docs too!); if you are looking to change, I’ll gladly recommend you.

But please don’t check-out. Not intentionally. I look at myself and my behavior when I was in college and wonder how I made it through there alive sometimes!

(oh, sorry for the rant… don’t mean to sound like I’m lecturing! Just hoping to help)