Little baby boy

We found out on July 23rd that we are having a little boy! I am so excited and my instincts were right - I was sure it was a boy as was my husband. I think it will be fun to have a boy first - to have an older brother for our next child and also I have heard they are easier thans girls! :slight_smile:

We have registered for some stuff already - that was fun! My sister in law had a boy in April so I already have a ton of clothes for our little one! My husband started painting the nursery last night and I just can’t wait! Some days I wish he was already here - but I also realize that my life won’t ever be quite the same! Still, I am very excited to meet our little guy!

I went to the doctor today and was shocked when she told me my A1C was 5.4!!! That is the lowest it has been ever for me and seems like it shouldn’t be because it has been getting harder to keep my numbers low since being pregnant. I really hopes this helps with having a healthy baby! I am trying to do what I can to make sure my baby is born healthy - but I realize it is not all in my control.

Anyway, life is pretty good. I have been feeling tired recently and a bit emotional - I am pretty sure those are both normal in pregnancy! I am just trying to make it through each day realizing that he will be here before I know it! I am planning on being a stay at home mom once the little guy arrives. That is the job I have always wanted most in life and I get to have it!

We are planning on naming him Xander Douglas Vest. Xander is basically just a shortened version of Alexander. Douglas is a family name (not my first choice - you know how those “family” names go…) so we will use that for the middle name. We are about 95% sure we are naming him that but may change out mind if he comes out and doesn’t “look” like Xander. :slight_smile:

I suppose that is all for now!

Awesome!! Congrats on the GREAT A1c as well! My husband and I are planning on having children in the next couple years— so I will follow your posts :slight_smile:

Congradulations on the soon birth of your baby boy and your A1C too!!!