XDrip question

So, I’m a new user - galaxy pixel 6.

I walk away from my phone and BT looses it’s pairing with the phone. It does not re-establish when I return to proximity with it. Some people suggest restarting the phone to encourage the “pair with device” message to pop up. I have had some success with that.

Is there any way to actively ask it to pair? Instead of just hoping the message pops up and prompts me to pair the sensor & receiver?

I’ll try to spend some time on this this weekend.

So we need to start with what kind of phone you have. Because as far as I can tell, there is no such thing as a “galaxy pixel 6”. Admittedly I just use an old moto g5 myself, so maybe I’m out of the loop. But surely you have either a Samsung galaxy phone, or a google pixel 6 phone, and not both?

There are a ton of barely documented options in the xdrip app that can be tried to make it work with most phones. But what you are describing sounds more like an option on your (Samsung? Google?) phone if it fails to reconnect Bluetooth after walking away. So start with your user manual for Bluetooth options before diving into the many xdrip settings.

Btw, I have been using xdrip for three years and love it. It is paired with my watch and a huge benefit for keeping my BG stable. But like any open source app, it takes time and searching to get set up correctly. If you don’t need all the features xdrip provides, or don’t want to go through the setup pain, you could start with the Dexcom app which should be easier to get going until you have time to play with xdrip.


It seems like each new version of Android makes it harder to keep Bluetooth things connected. All the added security and battery saving features seem to be working against us. (Which I believe is also what’s slowing down the Omnipod 5 and Tandem’s mobile bolus releases.)

I don’t know where the settings are located on your phone but turning off battery optimization for Xdrip really helps. I also had a sneaky “sleep standby optimization” setting I had to turn off, which turns off Bluetooth system wide when the phone is idle, or perceived as “sleeping”. That one for me is in system settings> battery> battery optimization> click the hamburger menu for more settings> advanced optimization.

The biggest problem I have now is getting Xdrip to reconnect after my battery gets low. It seems like the “battery saver” program on my phone actually FORGETS Dexcom all together if I let it get too low. It helped to reduce the percentage from the default 30% to 15%, so that feature kicks in less often. But if it does, I have to re-authorize the pairing request, which only pops up once and briefly. If i miss that pairing request, I’m SOL (:poop: outta luck). At that point, the only thing i can do is to force a new pairing request by changing the transmitter number in the settings to something random (I change the last character by 1), and then re-entering the correct transmitter number.

They’re making it sooooooo difficult! And I’m still on Android 11. I hate to see how bad Android 12 or 13 makes it. I really hope they add the ability to whitelist apps as safe.

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If you go to Bluetooth settings, it will scan and should appear for you to select.

I also use xDrip to send cgm data to my watch. Only thing I have to check on phone is IOB on T:Connect app, or yank pump out.

Ooops, I misspoke. I apologize. Its a Google pixel 6 (new model I was given for free when my mobile carrier switched to 5G). Because its new, no traditional Dex app is available.

Yup. I see that setting and its unselected (which is the recommended configuration). But, I also see a sG5/G6 Debug Settings menu with a “Minimize Scanning” ans “Avoid Scanning” selection enabled. That minimizes BT scanning to save power, so I disabled both. “Allow OB1 unboding” was also disabled.

It says that some devices work better when its scanning continuously and some do not. So, I’ll try both.

Disabled “Scan for G5 constantly” and “Authenticate G5 before each read” because I’m using G6.

It threw up it’s pair request in response to these changes. I clicked “pair” and DATA RETURNED!!!

Huge relief! Thanks everybody. I need to learn about XDrip. Maybe I’ll look over the documentation and do some reading.

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I’ve been doing really well w/o any data, so kinda felt like I was a superstar and didn’t need it. But, I had a bad low the other night and realized, of course, that I am not that amazing. I woke up body painted in pre-prepared lentil stew. There were handprints of lentil stew smeared across the wall in the kitchen. There had been a viscous battle between me and those lentils. The lentils were pretty obviously the victor.

My schedule is booked solid and I gotta have my ducks in a row. I prob haven’t adjusted my basals in 3 months. I’m overdue.

You all are fantastic! Thanks sooo much! Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive (Official Music Video) - YouTube