Yes i have T1 Diabetes.. and your point is?

Yes i love candy, it doesn’t mean i had too much as kid.

When i say i am high it doesn’t mean that i’ve been smoking

& when i say that i’m low it doesn’t mean i’m depressed.

When u see me give myself a shot in public it is not an illegal drug.

Sometimes i’m just checking my blood sugar, so no i don’t need a band-aide.

Im not afraid of needles anymore, i poke myself about 12 times a day.

if i’m cranky don’t worry just give insulin and water and i’ll be back to my normal self :slight_smile:

if i tell you i feel lightheaded and my hands are shaky just hand me some glucose capsules

or a little bit of fruit juice and in a couple minutes i will feel better!

yup… i have type 1 diabetes and no it is not a decease, its just a lifestyle. it wont stop me!

Very good. I can understand non-diabetics’ thinking about his and lows - diabetes has a completely different language which even now after 7 years since diagnosis I am still learning! Lol!

I love the post Melissa. Never let it get you down. Never give up…Never surrender!