Yikes - Got a bit too complacent

I've been a bit complacent recently with really good blood sugars and low carb diet.

So I had rice for lunch and took 3 units of Humalog to cover it. I don't usually eat rice so that dose was a WAG. 2 1/2 hours later I'm feeling really sweaty and shakey. My head/vision is feeling funny. What? Did I get too much insulin?

Tested. I'm 267! I've never been that high before. ok?
Washed my hands and retested and I'm 237! Going to do a correction and drink lots of water.

Guess I've blown my ex-endo's assumption that I don't need insulin! Would hate to see what happens doing an OGTT with no insulin on board.

Seems that being high and being low can have similar symptoms.

Rap on the knuckles! At least now I KNOW that I can't eat rice. :{

Hey, chalk it up to a learning experience, Sally. Sometimes the only way to learn is by experience. "Ok, universe, I get it, rice is out!"

I can also imagine in your situation having some lasting feelings of "hmmm...maybe the ex-endo was right". Even without extenuating circumstances like GD I every once in awhile think, "nah, I'm not really a type 1 diabetic", then one day my pump site failed early on in its use so I just corrected when I woke up at 175 (my numbers aren't nearly as stable as yours). By noon I was at 375 - holy cow....I really do need insulin!!

Don't be too hard on yourself. Learning experiences are part of being human.

Bagels, rice, french fries, and fried chicken. Those are my trigger foods. Once you find them it is a whole lot easier to just avoid, or do the correction before you spike.

Sometimes a rapid rise feels like that with head & vision feeling off. I get a throbbing headache & feel as if every nerve is at the surface.

Simply an oops moment, a blip on the screen. Rice is off-limits for me.

Rice is definitely a bad food for me. Even just a tablespoon or two and my BGs spike like crazy. I think it's the way it digests or something, in addition to just being loaded with carbs. But like you, high and low can sometimes feel the same. Both make me sweaty and confused and foggy. On more than one occasion I've treated what I thought was a low only to later learn I was actually high (which is why you should always try and test BEFORE you treat).