Wow, all yogurts a definitely not equal, carb wise! I just bought some Chobani Nonfat Greek Yogurt, Plain. I had some other nonfat plain greek yogurt (greek gods brand) left and compared carbs.The Chobani is 9 grams for 8 ounces of yogurt and the greek god one is 20 grams for 8 ounces! Big difference. They have basically the same ingredients. The only thing the greek gods listed that the other didn’t have is “inulin” (no, not “insulin”!) and pectin. Do they account for the added carbs??

Well The greek yogurts have more protein in them if I recall correctly and while yes carbs are the big role player more protein can account for the difference in bg. If you go look at the group Tag on here it explains how fat and protein need to be accounted for on top of the carbs. I have been taging for a while now and because of it my sugars are much more stable with less spikes. I say talk to danny on her he is a taging expert lol

I wasn’t talking about differences in blood sugar, med, just wondering about the difference in carb count between the two different greek yogurts. I just count carbs, but it sounds like the Tag system works well for you.

Thanks, John, that definitely explains it. I knew what pectin was since I used to make jam (them was different days…lol), but I had no clue what inulin is. It sounds like that definitely accounts for the difference. I’ll stick with the lower carb count and let my intestine take car of itself…lol

Zoe – you hit it – it’s the inulin. I don’t know much about it but it is a high fiber food (a root I think) that is used as a sugar substitute. Although it has less carbs than sugar it still has carbs and my guess is that’s where the extra grams are from. I generally use Chobani or Fage. Both very low carb. I’ve never tried Greek Gods but I will definitely check out the label next time I see it.

Never heard of the stuff before! I don’t usually eat sugar substitutes. I didn’t even look at the ingredients. I always think of plain non-fat yogurt or plain non-fat greek yogurt as one of those things that has no surprises. I should know better. I’ve only been reading labels for carb counting for 2 years, but started reading for sugar content 17 years ago when I quit sugar and I learned there are ALWAYS surprises, including a fruit soda I’d bought for years that had no sugar and a co-worker bet me that it did have sugar. They had changed their forumula! I lost five dollars on the bet, but won a coupon for free sodas when I complained to the company. (They changed the formula back after numerous complaints). Part of my protest e-mail said “It could be a diabetic drinking this thinking it was sugar free…” Kind of prophetic.

The only reason I know of inulin is there was a period of time it was the hot thing to talk about – like stevia was and agave. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen it anything.

I’ve noticed this too. Typically nonfat yogurts are lower carb. I like the Fiber One Yogurt. 13g carbs, but 5g fiber, so only 8g net carbs…granted the serving is only 4 oz BUT I find it more filling than other yogurts (maybe because of the fiber???)

Inulin is a kind of fiber. Pectin comes from fruit and helps thicken things. I remember making jam in the old days and adding pectin. I usually buy the Trader Joes brand of Greek Yougurt. I think it is 7 carbs per cup. The Fage brand is 8 or 9 per cup. I usually eat about 1/2 cup at a time which is not a lot of carbs but for some reason it still spikes me. I need to experiment more with it. I love yogurt. I usually put some Davinci syrup in it.

wow, I must have missed that fad! I must have not been in Berkeley at that time…lol

I really miss Continental Yogurt. It was the only brand of fruit yogurt that didn’t have added sugar. I especially loved the cappuchino. Then I returned from living out of the country for two years and they had stopped making it. I don’t know if I could have eaten it since my diagnosis, but I do miss the yummy stuff. I only eat 1/3 C of plain yogurt with fruits and nuts. It lets me pretend I’m eating granola, fruit and yogurt which used to be my favorite breakfast. I really didn’t worry about brands thinking all plain nonfat yogurt was the same, but now I see it’s not. I’m glad it doesn’t spike me.