Yogurt and Blood Sugar

To do plain yogurt you use a yogurt "machine" for few dollars like this:

Then you mix UHT milk (it has to be UHT to be steril, otherwise yogurt bacteria cannot grow, they are weak ...).
You add a few spoons of plain yogurt, which has its own bacteria alive, switch it on and during 8-9 hours (by night for example) you get it.
Pour away the liquid you'll find above and keep the white cream: that's your no sugar yogurt (only milk carbs).
Put it in the refrigerator and it should last 3-4 days.

The only "difficulty" is to find out the right time to leave the yogurt building up: too few and it's liquid, too much and it gets too acid.
Try and repeat ;-)

i eat dannon plain full fat greek yogurt. its got 4.8g of carbs and i throw in a bit of spenda for sweetness. most of the low fat yogurts i see at the shops have more carbs than the full fat ones.
good luck with the yogurt eating!

when im in the states i eat the fage plain nonfat greek yogurt mixed with 3oz of flavoured chobani-i found it was too carby to justify the whole pot-and threw in some berries.

Hey Black Llama! Thanks for the tid bit. I find myself starting out in the low 100's, bolus correctly given the number of carbs on the package and eat around 8am. By noon my blood sugar is over 300!!! I did a test again this morning, because I have one last package of Chobani and hate to waist it. I started out at 105. It's been an hour and a half since I ate. I'm now at 212. . . Crazyness!

That stinks :| I hate that there are foods I have to "give up on" and reserve for random treats. Cereal is a big one for me. No matter what type, makes me spike like all get out.

The plain Chobani is a particular favorite for me and it is very low carb. It is also good to add another food for flavor. I personally have it with Cheerios mixed in for breakfast.

If you eat the yogurts with all the unnecessary sugar etc. that they dump in it will most likely do that... if not maybe there is something in there we don't know about?

I eat fage 0% or 2% plain unsweetened, with berries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and stevia/vanilla, this doesn't spike me with my normal bolus. Whereas diet peach snapple tea seems to the last two times I drank it. I'm phasing it out due to aspartime anyway, but I wonder why it is doing this... maybe there is something in that yogurt that affects you more? My theory about the snapple is there is something sugary in there for sure that they haven't listed in the ingredients.

I have to eat full fat yogurt. It slows down the digestion and prevents spikes. Any "low fat" yogurt that has any kind of flavoring causes me to skyrocket, even with what seems to be an appropriate bolus.

I swear by Greek Yogurt as a great low carb protein an calcium source. But I always opt for plain. Years of eating plain yogurt (I don’t add fruit but every now and then I will mix in a small bit of original All Bran if I am craving some crunch). Plain doesn’t adversely affect my blood sugar (of course I bolus first for the low amount of carbs). I’m a big proponent of people trying plain yogurt–it’s wonderful – A different taste than the super sweet flavored varieties but over time, you’ll be craving the plain and wondering why they make those sweet ones when the plain is so good.

Hi Samantha! That happened with me, too with Chobani and Rachel's brand yogurts. I switched to Fage plain and add stevia and a couple of drops of vanilla extract to it. Sometimes when I want a nutty, granola-like taste, I sprinkle on flax and almond meal and a little cinnamon.

Edited to add: I second Donna's post on plain yogurts. Fage by itself is pretty darned good.

I buy non fat plain greek yogurt from the grocery store and I don't buy any specific brand, just what ever is on sale. The current batch I have says 11 grams of carbs in 1 cup, 6 grams of sugar. I weigh out what I want, add some blackberries or blueberries and a bit of stevia to sweeten it up a bit and it tastes great.
I tried the Chobani Champions I think they were called which were tiny little servings of yogurt with a bit of honey, those totally wrecked my blood sugar, I ended up giving them away.

In my many yogurt experiments, I've had some grand failures but have also found what works for me - and these may be worthwhile for others to try. 1) Fage regular (the full fat version) - very rich tasting, but fairly low in carbs and I can usually even add a tiny bit of honey without a spike; 2) Trader Joes Greek Style Yogurt (again, full fat version) - 14g carb per serving, but I can only have a half serving mixed with peanut or other nut butter in order to not spike afterward; 3) Liberté Méditerranée yogurts - these are flavored (the Coconut is my favorite indulgence), high fat/calorie and pricey but because the ingredients include cream the carb count is not bad - and I don't get much of a spike; 4) any of the "low fat" or fat free yogurts, either plain or flavored, cause serious spikes unfortunately.

I also have a yogurt maker I haven't used for a while, but I may try a batch in the next week or so with the addition of cream - and see what happens.

i love STONYFIELD ORGANIC yogurt 15/16 carb. 0% fat.sweetened with STEVIA.i try not to eat artificial anything.i just bolus accordingly.

I do best with plain, full fat yogurt. The higher the fat, the less carbs there are because of the fat/lactose ratio. In fact I always mix the yogurt half/half with full fat sour cream to lower the carb content even more.

I have been using sugar-free drink mixes to flavor it. MIO is easy to add, just one squirt. Otherwise splenda (or another sugar sub) + instant coffee or cocoa powder. This way, I get all the flavors I used to enjoy without all the added sugar. Flavored yogurts have a TON of sugar.

Samantha - I have the same problem! I favorite is also Chobani Greek Yogurt, and I too pretty much always have blood sugar spikes afterwards. I usually get the fat-free with fruit so apparently I'm getting the worst kind possible. Ha. I will have to try some of the suggestions listed here - thanks for posting this! I guess my main problem is that I don't like plain yogurt, but adding my own fruit sounds like a good option. The other problem is I don't like full-fat anything...I just don't like really rich tasting foods and they often make my stomach hurt afterwards.

I'm like you, I don't like the full fat feeling I get, but I do find that fat free plain Greek Yogurt (I usually get whatever is on sale at store) and add some fruit to it and maybe a little bit of stevia or sweetener of some kind works for the the blood sugar and also tastes really good.

First off we are most Insulin resistant in the morning so try eating it at another time of day. Also most yogurt is low fat. I find the higher fat I eat the lower my bg. You can stir some heavy cream, sour cream, whipped cream cheese or melted coconut oil into your yogurt. I usually use the FAGE or Chobhani but limit it to 3-4 oz.

I am glad I found this thread. I have been afraid to eat yogurt and I used to love it. I will try this one.

I noticed the same thing with the Chobani that has fruit at the bottom. I've been fine with plain chobani when I put my own stuff in it (honey, PB, etc.)

I haven't heard of this. Have you read all the ingredients in the yogurt? Maybe there is a trigger ingredient that is affecting your body and your blood sugar? I have found a yogurt made by Kroger (I find it at my local Gerbes grocery store, Kroger stores) that is called Carbsmart. For 6oz it has 80 calories, 1.5g Fat, only 4g carb and 12g protein! I add a banana and some nuts and it’s soooo yummy and fulfilling.

I always bolus when I eat cards. Well accept when I eat bananas,

Very true. You must accept the cards you are dealt.