You Are Cured!

What is the first thing you do? What is the first treat you eat?

for me i would take my pump and put it and the rest of my supplies under my brothers big ol’ truck and run over them about 20 times. what i would eat? oh man, i would probably go with a large oreo shake.

I would have to go with a big meal at dairy king or the local chinnise resturant. A buffet would be perfect, i would stuff myself to death!

I don’t think I’d bother treating myself to any foods that are or have been deemed “off limits” for diabetics. I can’t remember what life was like before diabetes when I didn’t have to think carefully about eating. On a personal level I don’t crave certain foods and I’m happy with just three meals a day. I’m glad those days when we had to have snacks every so often are gone.

Even if a cure did come about, I guess we’d all still be closely monitored by the medics, at least in the early years of a possible cure. The thing I’d be worried about most though is the emotional and psychological effect that a cure would have on me because as undesirable as diabetes is, it is still part of me and I can say in all honesty that I’ve never thought of my life ever being otherwise.

Sorry to sound gloomy …

I completely agree with you. I naturally have a lot of anxiety so if I were cured I couldn’t even imagine the higher anxiety that would come along with it. It would take a long adjustment period for that to subside. I’d be constantly wanting to check my blood sugar, or freaking out “where’s my pump!!!”…it’s all too natural to just take it away and live happily ever after.

That being said it would still be AWESOME! And well worth the anxiety

It would’t be food I was after, as I eat prettymuch what I want now. But I would be off doing all sorts of activities without having to worry about hypos and carting around emergency sugar, which would be a real treat!

I would feel sorry for all those D nurses who’d lose their jobs. I would start a group for them.

This could be reason why our national diabetes organisations do not really want a cure. We can reorientate the nurses to many other problems.

They could retrain as dietitians and get to grips with the obesity epidemic we keep hearing about :wink:

Some of us are not just hearing but living the problem

The first thing I would eat are those $1 hot fudge sundays at mcdonalds YUMMMM

Order a large Dominos Pizza and eat it all myself. And maybe have a strawberry shortcake dessert.

if i was cured i would will myself never to worry about doing a blood sugar ever again. I bet it wouldn’t be that hard to stop being diabetic. Bring on the pizza!

wouldja be mad at me if I told you that I wouldn’t do anything? I’d probably even eat pretty much the same. I’d get used to not testing after 10… no make that 5 seconds. I would gets used to no shots the second I took out my infusion set.

I am not really mad at my meter or pump, i’d give it a kiss, actually, and put it all back in the boxes with the instructions and all the gizmos and the accessories, just the way they came. Maybe I’d even hold a funeral. Here’s to my best buddies, they, and the many, many previous buddies who came before them, kept me alive for 31 years after being diagnosed - I got to go to weddings, watch old folks die and babies born, and I have both laughed and cried so hard with my friends and family that I have completely forgotten I had diabetes once or twice.

Peanut butter parfait baby!!! . Its the top food I have not eaten in my life. Everyone in my family is tasked with gettign one and pushing it into the IV tube before I die. Now that I have told everyone here, you are on the hook as well. LOL

Aren’t you glad you asked ? LOL

rick phillips

I’d probably still test a couple of times a day for a long time. And I might be afraid to eat things like pizza or desserts for fear they might overwhelm my “cure”, depending on the nature of the therapy.

All the pizza I wanted. Definitely! We have such a good pizzaria where I live that makes pies just like the ones I grew up eating in NYC.

Pecan rolls oozing with brown sugar.

Pad Thai. I have never been able to get Pad Thai to work with insulin. Probably because it’s like 125 g of carbs per real world serving.

But if I’m cured, it has to mean that I have a metabolism that burns calories like it did when I was in my 30s and could eat food like that and not gain weight.

Oh bread!!! I would have so much of my mom’s garlic bread! and pasta, so much pasta! soooooo good. Actually, it’s more the quantities that I’d change. hmm, maybe diabetes is kinda good for me.

And I’d learn to deep sea dive. Just to be able to swim for longer than 10 minutes without feeling panicky about checking my bg would be nice.

Someone asked a question like this a few months back …and boy, did I pig out! (well, in the thread…:))

Number #1 treat answer: Vegan biscuits and Gravy with Sour Cream. A HUGE plate! That is what I miss the most. And a coffee with REAL sugar. Hmmm, and maybe a pint of freshly squeezed OJ while I am at it!

And that is just brunch…:slight_smile:

First thing I do is throw my Metformin out the window and sleep in late and when I get up start making my biscuits!

You know… I say I want to eat this, or that… or go places without the meter… but the reality is… I could never be the same person again, ever. I’m probably going to eat like I do now, for the rest of my life.

No treats, Liz? :slight_smile:

I agree too - I will always be a better eater because of this. I wouldn’t go back to my old completely breadaholic ways but to be able to fill my tum-tum completley with some good ol junk food once and while - that would be nice! :slight_smile: More than likely it might actually taste odd to me after not having it so long. That has happened to me before.