First thing you would do?

If you woke up tomorrow and found out you no longer suffered from Diabetes, what is the first thing you would do?

throw my pump out the widow… maybe, well, it did cost alot.

I agree with lev! But I would probably give my pump and CGMS to my Dad who has crappy VA for his health and I would give him a “condition” that he had to get a real doc who would help him use the pump and CGMS the correct way (the VA where he lives took him off of Humalog and Lantus and put him on R and NPH).

Next I would get in a pool with my kids and not watch the clock (okay, I’d put some sun screen on). I would sit out on the sun and not worry about carrying glucose tabs with me. I would go for a car ride and snack, snack, snack! Ohhhhhhh!!! And go to fun fun bakeries and… okay… you get the drift… I would probably then gain TONS of weight! LOL! Wow! Life as a non-diabetic (haven’t experienced that in 29 years).

Book a vacation to Europe, knowing that I’d have an extra $3000 per year to spend on fun.

Cry tears of joy. Then eat a huge piece of NY Style cheesecake.

I would cry for joy, donate my pump and supplies to someone in need and then plan a long needed vacation!

Pull my pump off, lock it away along with my glucometer in my lock box, and go to Dunkin Donuts and get a big box of munchkins and an iced coffee :slight_smile:

Lets SEE I would call my brother in HOPES! that he was Cured! also. If We were both CURED! Than it would be a day to CELEBRATE! I would bronze our PUMPS! and I could only IMAGINE! what would happened next…

run to cinnabun and plan what to do next…over a nice large hot cinnamon roll and a latte

Throw a big celebration party. With a chocolate dessert. Party on!

This is crazy because last night I had a dream that I was about to go into surgery and would be cured from my diabetes.

The first thing I would do is smash my meter with a hammer =]
Then I would thank God for this miracle
Then go to dinner with my parents and eat guilt free whatever I want.

After pinching myself hard to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, eat an entire loaf of crusty bread with reckless abandon, test one more time to assure myself I really was cured, smash my meter, have a bonfire with remaining supplies, eat pizza followed by ice cream & then run around with no shoes & hug every person I met.

I’d also throw a dessert party with champagne for all my family & friends who’ve been so good to me.

I would smile, then cry, then hug everyone:) I am assuming we would all be cured at the same time! Diabetes would no longer exist as a chronic illness…YES!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh wouldn’t that be devine!!

It would!

Problem is that fantasizing about being cured makes me feel very sad that we’re not. Actually am near tears now reading about the basic things we’d all like to do that we can’t.