What would you do if diabetes was cured?

My Husband and I were talking about diabetes while driving the other day and he asked me "what would you do if you didn't have diabetes anymore?" I was baffled, not able to come up with an answer, so I am asking you? What would you do if diabetes was cured and no longer an issue??

In order:

Quit my job (no longer have a pre-existing condition so I no longer need the company insurance) and start my own company.

Eat a bagel with cream cheese and not feel guilty. Maybe even two bagels. Wow. Other folks think that "cake" is cheating but I'd love to eat a bagel again without messing up my bg.

I would still wake up every morning with my first thought "what's my bg" for the rest of my life!

Go on a trip with all the money I saved.
Miss talking with everyone on here.
Start baking bread regularly again.

Go scuba diving, hike without a backpack, go dancing/eating/drinking all night long, sleep naked without worrying about getting tangled, let go of my fears, give my skin time to heal, throw away all my needles, test strips, canulas, tubing... feel free!
Oh and tell all my family and friends to bugger off when I stuff more than one s'more in my mouth ;)

We still be Diabetes survivors... could make a facebook group to keep in touch ;) And get an awesome tattoo to remember (or a bracelet)

I think I would cry. Then after two seconds of doing that I would jump for joy. I don,t really think about a cure but I hope and pray that my children don,t develope this. I would of course eat an astounding amount of bread without worry. It would be lovely to go for a walk without having to worry about hypos too.

i would eat new york pizza until i exploded.

I'd toss my pump in a dumpster. Probably be really happy for a week. Then, keep doing everything else exactly the same.


Eating until you explode, we could start a group on that.

it would be a great way to die instead of complications...

I'll pass on that one!

But I will also buy five containers of Liquid Paper so I could erase all the damn carb counts cluttering up my cookbooks!

Exactly Zoe. I so miss baking bread and the heavenly smell of it in the house.

Exercise any time I want, without bringing a glucose meter and tablets. Leave the house with my hands empty. Drink at least one glass of skim milk with every meal. Eat Cheerios for breakfast and fruit any time of day.

ditto! I would also throw a huge party. And I would make plans to travel and put normal stuff in my carry on :)

I would go for a 20 mile bike ride.

Golf 18 holes without a cart.

Run along the beach naked.

I wouldn't do anything different, the same diet that keeps my diabetes under control also keeps me from weighing twice as much as I do. If my neuropathy went away, I'd start riding my old horse on the trails again.

I'd first fall to my knees and thank God. Then I would go to my favorite pizza place and order my favorite pizza then snarl at anyone that even thought about taking a piece.

I would then continue my current life style because if I let it go I would return to being a big person only then I would be a big person without D.

Gary S

I'd be ever so thankful that another child will never have to know what its like to be poked, injected, lanced and bleed numerous times every.single.day.

How does diabetes stop you from running on the beach naked??