You can do it Grandma!


I am currently starting to educate my mother on all of Olivia's doses/insulins/sliding scales/how to give shots/etc. I know it is so overwhelming to her - god knows I felt the same way at the beginning and at times I still get overwhelmed and frustrated. Last night I went to her house and gave her some expired bottles of insulin and some syringes so that she could practice drawing up the insulin. She did this when Olivia was in the hospital, but I want her to practice and practice so she feels more confident in herself. Those half unit syringes are difficult to fill when you are first learning. We are planning an overnight stay at Grandma's house the first weekend in October.

While at her house I felt like breaking down and crying at any moment (what can I say - I'm an emotional human being), but I had to stay strong for my mother. I had to let her know that everything was going to be okay. When I went over things I could see the look of worry in her eyes! Diabetes is a scary thing but I don't want her to fear being alone with Olivia. Diabetes is such a very small part of Olivia. She is still contains all her little personalities (princess and little devil - LOL!) within.

Kerri from said it best in a post.

Watch out it is a tear jerker, but written so beautifully!

Mom if you are reading this - know that I love you and the girls love you so much and I have the most confidence in you. You can do it Grandma!


My grandfather already had type 1 when I was diagnosed. My grandmother was “in charge” of most of his care. Having her at the hospital with us was so helpful. Grandmothers are the best.


Hi Ronda - I don’t know where in the US you’re located - but the Clara Barton Center for Diabetes Education provides an excellent weekend in the spring for caregivers - like grandmothers, aunts, etc. - that might be worthwhile to check out. This would be a great opportunity for your mom to get some practice - and meet other grandmas and caregivers of kids with diabetes… The Barton Center is in North Oxford, MA - check out their website!! Nicole


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