You can lead a horse to water but is the horse glad to see the water or the water glad to see the horse

The sound of kids on there way to school screaming and shouting some clearly not wanting to go reverberates around the state some late running as fast as there little legs can carry them so dragging there feet obviously day dreaming as most of us did at that age learning new things every step of the way,it is only when you are an adult and getting on a little as in my case that memories like that filter there way into your daily life the sound of Council refuse men/women clearing away the waste of our busy lives cans,bottles,plastic containers cardboard and newspapers all separated of the be re-cycled we hope how two people can generate so much waste in one week mystifies me but then most things in this technological age mystifies me,I must have been a druid in a previous life the countryside trees plants butterflies birds that sort of thing warms the cockles of my heart,the sound of bottles cans being emptied into the refuse wagon breaks the silence of the moment the noise from the kids has gone and just a solitary barking of a dog sounds in what has become a place of silence.

It is 8.58 and the dog is giving all he has got smudge has been sick in the hallway OK girl I tell her do not worry I will clean it up of course she has no idea what this giant of a man is saying to here she lifts her tail high in the air and wonders off outside to eat some grass,not the same response that Ben would have given me but Ben has gone to the great meadow in the sky funny how thinking of him can make you feel so low I suppose when he has been your your friend, for a long long time it does leave a gap in your soul,time for morning pills anti depression as well otherwise I will be looking down into the pit again and no doggy o pull me back from the edge,dragged my poor body up the stairs where is Stenna when you need them/NOTE stella do stair-lifts for those who have difficulty getting upstairs end of note.

Pills taken but put up a fight one just would not go down when it finally did it left an horrible taste in my mouth,smudge sleeping now kettle boiling for another cup of tea,managed to hand some bird seed and fat balls on the apple tree birds wait until I have gone then land on them chewing away squabbling who is going to get what first a bit like us but that is life as we know it Jim, the dog is still barking the freezer is still gurgling my tummy has stopped rumbling since I had whole meal toast so here I wait as the day unfolds and I take another few steps down the road which is my life.