"You need to test your bloodsugar!"

Can a diabetic just be mad? Everytime you get mad does someone tell you that you need to check your bloodsugar? Why cant I just be mad? Why do I have to check my bloodsugar. I hate how people think that no matter what is wrong with you it has to do with your bloodsugar. Like sweating or a tummy ach well I guess you better check your bloodsugar! errrrr!

Tends to get to you don’t it? I hate it when I just get hot and start sweating and there goes EVERYBODY saying to check my bs! Also like you I just like to be mad about something w/out having to check my bs!! I agree errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I hate it worse when m=someone hovers over you and asks what it is. If it is a problem, I will tell you!

Sounds kind of like “is it that time of the month?” It’s a way of discounting your feelings and thoughts; it may not be meant that way, but that is the end result. I wonder if diabetic guys have the experience of being told that or just women? Hmmm…At any rate, when you are in a calm frame of mind I would talk to the person who said that and explain just why that question is inappropriate.

there you go!

I hate that,I mean we are human and we have emotions just like everyone else.
Makes me mad.
Ignore them.

I know how you feel. My Grandma is always telling me to check my blood sugar if I get a little irritated about something.

hahaha Danny! Don’t go there right now! LOL!

Thanks for the laugh! :slight_smile:

Sounds like we all need to sit down and check our blood sugar.

I was aked that twice today by my wife. Also maybe you should eat something. No it;s not the blood sugar. But on the other side if you ■■■■ someone off just say i better check my Blood

I can assure you that as a guy, this phrase of “you’re mad/sweating/tripped on the sidewalk/misspoke a word, so you should check your blood sugar” is indeed infuriating.

I hear ya, Christie.

My husband does this constantly even though I’ve explained/requested/flat out gotten pissed when he does this. I’ve said it sweetly & not so sweetly–doesn’t make a difference.

“I DID check my blood sugar, and it’s LOW. You wanna MAKE something of it? You want a piece of this?”

-flash diabetes care device (any kind) in threatening manner.

“You talkin’ to ME?”


Good one! Am going to use the next time I’m asked.

im not above profanity…especially when someone treats me like an idiot!

those comments should NEVER be directed at me…ESPECIALLY if my sugar is off…lol

We can also never just be crazy - this is what truly irritates me beyond words. I like to act inappropriate on purpose sometimes, just to shake things up. “Are you okay?” “Maybe you should check your blood” - AAAHHHHHHH. Thanks for letting me voice that!

this never happens to me because no one knows i’m diabetic, but … if it did, i’d ask, have you taken your IQ test?

Very nice!

Hmmm, I do this to my 10 year old several times a week. I’ve tried to modify it to, “You look XX. Do you need to test your sugars?” Is that less irritating?