Zero-Click Software for WaveSense

If you call them and are nice to them on the phone, they will send you a free cable. I told them my meter usage is high, and it was between their Jazz and Bayer’s USB Contour. They then offered to send me a free cable. I do like their software, but Bayer’s is pretty good also.

same here - i said i got the software but it wouldn’t work with my usb cable. they said - no problem, we’ll send you one, what’s your address?

If it just ran, the odds are your running 32bit Vista…The problem is people who have 64bit Vista/Windows 7… the cable needs a different driver… thats not avalible last i checked…

Most diabetes apps do NOT work in windows 7(either 32 or 64), and almost all do not work in windows vista 64bit… Some work in Vista 32, but there are even some that ONLY work in windows XP… Blame the FDA

my experience with Zero Click- the program would not install under Win 7 Pro 64 bit. XP Mode seems a bit of pain to set up for just one program. Customer support told me that the usb cable is proprietary to their software. I like the meter (I got mine at Kroger) and it would be convenient for the software to work. Hasn't Win 7 been around since 2010 or 2009?