Zero-Click Software for WaveSense

I just got the WaveSense Jazz because I heard somewhere that they are the most accurate. Anyways, does anyone here use the Zero-Click software for their meters and if so, how impressed are you with it? I’m a bit skeptic about spending $40+ for the software.

Andy C

Nevermind. The ZeroClick software is available for free on their website.

You can download it here:

I called their customer support about a cable. They said they would send me one. Hopefully I get it soon.

Software is free on their website and I love it.

I just wish it supported 64-bit Windows Vista

Does it not work using 32 bit emulation?

The issue with most meters is the driver for the connector cable. So far the only one I’ve gotten to work is a third-party driver for the OneTouch meters. Someone mentioned a direct driver for the Abbott cable, but I have not gotten that particular driver to work.

That makes sense… :-/

I have downloaded the ZeroClick software on two laptops but have yet to get my meter downloaded. It acts like it is going to but it never finishes. I’m not all that computer savvy and maybe thats the problem but does anyone have a suggestion?

Love this meter, and the customer service people at Wavesense are awesome!

i just got my presto today and i would love to use this software, but i have a 64bit windows 7 computer. I tried the installation package and it didn’t work. Is there any other option for loading the readings onto my computer?

If your OS is Windows 7 Professional or above it came with Virtual PC, which runs a copy of 32 bit XP. I used it at work to run some software on a 64 bit laptop and It worked fine. Since the problem is with the driver it might be worth a try.

The software gets the job done pretty painlessly and lets you quickly analyze your numbers as well as print some nice reports for your doc.

As well as Lifescan’s software/Dexcom software (dex will work under Win 7 if run as admin is enabled)

Palm OS (and Accu Check Pocket Compass 4)

Accu Chek Smartpix…)

Also used VPC to run Glucofacts for the Bayer Contour USB and more importantly the flash upgrader for the Contour USB (so the stick will work without installing glucofacts under windows 7)

you attach the device, start virtual pc, then go to the top (virtual PC toolbar) and select the device you want to attach)…Seems to work better if you start to install the app before you do the (virtual attach, or at least wait till the install asks you to attach the device)

jake - not sure if i understand you. you don’t mean i can use a presto with these other software programs, right?? you’re just saying you’ve had success using these other programs paired with other meters using a virtual machine, correct?

badmoon, i had thought of that, but i figured it wasn’t worth the hassle. i’ll give it a try though, maybe it’s not so bad setting up a virtual machine every time i want to upload the data. it’s not like i have to upload it after each test.

do you have to have the special usb cable? it looks like it just takes a regular mini-usb.

If it came with your OS, it’s pretty much click and go. It’s preinstalled, just look in programs. If you hibrenate when you shut XP down it even boots pretty fast. From Jakes reply it sounds as if its strictly a software issue so it should work.

I do have the special cable but it looks just like the one from my camera.

You do need the special cable for each meter you connect to your PC.

You can run 32-bit programs in WinXP-mode if you are running Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate – this mode is NOT available under Windows 7 Home Premium, nor is it available under 64-bit Windows Vista.

Lifescan (OneTouch Ultra) and Abbott (Freestyle Lite) meters require third-party drivers under 64-bit Windows Vista; additionally (if it’s not been updated since I got mine installed over a year ago), the Freestyle driver for 64-bit Vista may require a registry hack.

ok, i got the software working in xp mode, but no cable, guess i’ll have to call them up. i’m excited about actually having nice printouts and tracking. definitely going to make spotting trends easier.

Its NOT a regular mini USB cable unfortunately, but wavesense is pretty good at just sending them out for the asking. Call the 800 number during the day and they usually will just send you one.

What im saying is these are an example of some of the other diabetes related programs I have found to work under a virtual machine, in addition to the Zero Click software…You usually just set up the virtual machine, and just run it when you need to upload the data…

I got the Accu Chek 360 software to mostly work under XP in virtualization as well…

(Have not gotten the Pump configuration software to work however, compatibility issues with the USB IR device)

Once you set it up you just run the virtual machine when you need it…

called them up today and my cable is on the way :slight_smile:

it seems odd that so many of these programs only run on XP. i think the reason may have to do with requiring fda approval though, which would dramatically slow the update cycle.

The problem is the 64 bit architecture, most programs seem to do OK but hardware drivers need a rewrite. You will encounter the same problem with printer drivers, except that most printer company’s seem to be further along in the rewrite process.

XP mode allows you to run a 32 bit OS inside of a 64 Bit OS. They included it free in certain versions of Windows 7 to encourage early adoption of Windows 7. It’s a viable workaround in many situations.

I’m sure FDA approval is also a factor, seems strange they have to approve software just to print a chart of your readings.

Thats exactly why so many apps just run on XP…

Its the FDA… Theres a whole can of worms regarding software and the FDA… I understand them trying to protect users but theres a point of diminishing returns…