1st time.........Pod 'fell' off

I was really surprised this morning shortly after I stepped out of the shower…my pod simply ‘fell off’. No indication that it was going to do that and it has never happened before. Did not bump it or do anything else different today. I haven’t changed body wash products either. Has this ever happened to anyone? Do not know what I did wrong.

Thanks Erika…that may be the very reason my pod fell off. I remember now that I had used skin prep under this particular pod as my arm was slightly sore from having a PICC line removed. I figured the skin prep would help it hold better, guess I was wrong.

Lots of factors here: how well you stuck it on this time, if there was oil on your skin prior to sticking, how long until the next pod change (if it had been nearly 3 days or if you just changed this morning), how long your were in the shower, how long it was under direct water flow during that shower, if you had taken lots of long showers with this particular pod, if you had been particularly active and perspired a lot with this pod, was this the first pod from a new box, etc.
In the case where mine fell off, I had been wet and sweating for most of the day. It was a triathlon where it started raining on us before the start of the race. I then swam, rode the bike in the rain, and ran in the rain. I had it on my lower back. When I took off my racing jersey after the race, it fell off onto the ground. I have no idea how long it was unstuck and not delivering.
Hopefully in your case it was just a random pod issue and you’ll be able to continue ‘doing your thing’ and not have any issues :slight_smile: Let us know if you come to any conclusion as to why it decided to unstick itself!

I have had the Pod come loose or fall off a few times. I live in South FL, it was summer and I was having hot flashes (don’t you wish you were me?) Once was after a shower…maybe body heat? Maybe lotion in the soap? I use Skin tac now and only very occasionally will have an edge pull up a bit. I keep a roll of Nexcare surgical tape with me always and tack the edge down when needed. It can be irritating to your skin, but it does keep the pod attached as long as you need it to be.

Sorry to hear about that, you must have been shocked. I have never had a pod fall off…except for when I hit it hard on something and even then it came loose but didn’t fall off. It must have been the wonderful hot shower. Anyhoo, I just use alcohol pads to clean the area real good and then let it dry completely before sticking my pod on and I have been super lucky with never having them even come loose. Good luck with finding the answer and I hope you don’t fear the shower from this one incident. LOL.

It has happened to me a few times - this past summer when I was doing some volunteer work in Cuba – it was really, REALLY hot and I was sweating like crazy…a pod a day was falling off! The doctors there are amazing and we kept trying different things, ended up with the surgical tape all around the edges and bicycle “wicking” shorts to help absorb the sweat. Once after a really long shower I forgot and basically “dried off” the pad and it came off. Another time I was in the pool/ jacuzzi all day on vacation and looked down and it was floating next to me! But all in all considering what I put them thru they stay on pretty well! I always use the IV prep pads, I was told they help the pods stay on…?

OMG…Floating next to you in the pool/jacuzzi?? I bet you were shocked?? Truly I don’t mean to laugh at you, just with you.

I’ve had that happen a couple of times. So frustrating!

I’ve lost a total of three pods (that just fell off and weren’t knocked off). Two of them were at water parks after a day in the water and I wasn’t really surprised. The third however was just as you’re describing. It had been on for about 15 hours, I was getting out of my first shower since placing the pod, and it essentially just slid off my body. Usually I spend about 5 minutes prying them off with a bit of pain as the adhesive tears off my skin so I was shocked. I called Omnipod and complained enough that they actually replaced that pod but they made sure I knew that this was “user error” and they wouldn’t usually replace them. This was back in September or October and I haven’t lost another like that since so I don’t know what to think but it was shocking when I first lost it!

Rebecca, I do so understand it when you say you were shocked. For a minute I just stood there looking at it on the floor. I also have to ‘pry’ it off and it irritates my skin in the process…but not this last one. Oh well…some days we lose and other days we win :slight_smile: