20,000 members: what is your word for it?

We are on the verge of breaking the 20,000 member mark just passed 20,000 members on TuDiabetes! It’s been a little over four years since we started on this beautiful journey… yet it seems like it was yesterday.

One of the most special moments in the history of the community was the Word In Your Hand project, which first took place in the second half od 2007.

A few weeks ago, we received a very special gift from Marie B, one of our admins, who put in a ton of time to creating the amazing Word In Your Hand quilt you see below (for those of you attending the Friends For Life conference in Florida next month, it will be exhibited there).

Today, as I look back, I wonder once more: what is your word? What word best describes what diabetes has meant to you? Or perhaps you’d rather share a word that describes what TuDiabetes has meant for you?

The quilt came out great. When Marie contact me to contribute a word, I was really honored. It took me weeks of introspection to find a single word to express what I felt. I think this really captures the spirit here.

For me the word goes to this site. Grateful!!!

and my word for Marie’s quilt and for my diabetes is: FIGHTER!

TuDiabetes has been a “Lifeline” for me. I don’t know if anyone else has used the word “Lifeline” about what TuD has meant to them, but it’s the one that works for me.

Diabetes: Metamorphosis

TuD: Guidance

Diabetes: Individual

TuD: Community

Diabetes- Vigilance
TuD - kinship


We have reached 20,000 members:

Member #20,000 is:


Love the new banner Manny! You must have had it all set with your finger on the enter key LOL


My word for diabetes: frustration

Diabetes: Anxiety

TuDiabetes: Whew

20,000 members: Stupendous

Huge hugs to everyone who makes TuDiabetes such a warm, caring, helpful, supportive, intelligent and comforting place.

Congratulations Manny and the rest of the people keeping the show on the road!

TuDiabetes = Symbiosis

tudiabetes = connectedhope
diabetes = lovepatiencechallenge

w00t! w00t!


My type 1 diagnosis 19 years ago convinced me it was time to take my health and well-being seriously. It has allowed me to actually put myself first sometimes. It has made me a healthier person due to how well I take care of myself. It has made me appreciate the NOW in my life every single minute, even though I don’t have any complications. It has allowed me to be an example to people I know who are frightened or depressed by a diagnosis.

Without diabetes as my constant companion, I don’t know that I’d work as hard as I do to be happy, healthy, and productive.