20,000 members: what is your word for it?



I am not sure where I should post my queries? Is there a general place?

Great Learning and found much to be grateful for in the disease. Remarkable

Hi everyone! I just wanted to comment about what diabetes has meant for me. I was only just diagnosed a year ago, and I’m 58 but it has made me more responsible in my eating and exercise habits. I am still learning about the disease and I need to get on here more to share recipes etc. But I’m going thru a struggle job wise now so things are a bit rough right now. I"m unable to keep track of my A1C as I would like but I’m still able to intermittently (month on month off) track my Blood Sugars and I’m doing fairly well…so all things in time…I wish everyone well, and congratulations TuDiabetes!!!

Diabetes: Constant
TuDiabetes: Togetherness :slight_smile:

Life Changing, stronger and blessed since the age 14yrs old and now 48 yrs olds and living life to the fullest.

you can do that on the forum in quire away

I’m still a relatively new member; many years living with diabetes though (45) so here are my words:

Diabetes = possibilities
TuDiabetes = mentoring

Let me also add that I have been involved in quite a number of different groups over the years working with and for diabetes and this is one of the most caring, compassionate group of people I have come across in a very long time. What an awesome accomplishment to reach such a significant milestone!!!

Warmest regards

I was honored to be one of those chosen to take part in the quilt. My chosen word was FORTITUDE. Diabetes has given me a new lease on life, face it a year ago I was dying. It has given me conrol, in someways it has given me purpose. It has fortified my resolve to be healthy and to live.

What has Tudiabetes meant to me I can’t put it down to one word alone but maybe three. Hope in the knowledge that I am not alone and that there are people who understand. Knowledge that I have to control my diabetes and how to control it, And most of all family there ae many here that I would love to meet up with in real life and feel honored to consider them friends.

My word for TuDiabetes: family

My word for diabetes: life-changer

TuDiabetes, one word: INFORMATIVE.

diabetes: myhandsful

TuDiabetes: hands

I called or wrote 15 people and asked for their suggestions. I got many good ideas, but in the end i picked the word that demonstrated how i felt about the community. As I have reflected on it I am so happy with the word. For me getting diabetes meant I was no longer concerned with personal profit, rather I had to fulfill my life’s mission and serve others quicker and better. I feel the same way about the site. It is clearly an act of service from Manny and the administrators for the rest of the community. Thank you so much.


My word for what Diabetes has meant to me is Hell !
What TuDiabetes has meant for me is Relief


faith, hope , education…



Well put Jane, though we haven’t been at it as long as you (son dx’d Dec09 and is 15 now), I feel so fortunate to have found this community. So, mentoring is a big part of my vocabulary when I think about TuD. Thank you all for your wisdom and encouragement too. :slight_smile: Emily

Diabetes: dance partner

Tudiabetes: arsenal

Trust me, a few weeks ago diabetes would have been silent monster but things seemed to have perked up lately!