TuDiabetes Turns 4: Please Answer our Survey

Today, TuDiabetes reaches its fourth anniversary. Four years filled with amazing moments and lessons that we never cease to be amazed by.

I want to invite you to share your favorite TuDiabetes memory of the past 4 years and ask you to take a few minutes to complete our Fourth Anniversary Survey:

Your replies will be extremely useful to help us shape the future of TuDiabetes and our efforts at the Diabetes Hands Foundation.

HERE’S TO MANY MORE YEARS of support, sharing information and raising awareness together!!

My wife and I received from Joslin Diabetes Clinic in Boston US. a medal for having survived 50 years of type-1 diabetes.

John Vandermeer (johnben.

wow! I’ve been on this site for that long??? Happy birthday TUdiabetes!

My favorite memory is when i joined TuDiabetes and the warm welcome i received. i felt like i had come home.


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When I first got here the memory that stands most in my mind was that Finally I was a member with other diabetic’s and didn’t have to fight out my feelings to “normal” ppl here I could just be me. THANK YOU!

I have two favorite memories - maybe three.

One was the poetry contest,
Second was the “Senses of Diabetes” video contest
Third was the publication of the “No-Sugar Added” book of poetry.

We need to have more creative contests.

Thanks for four great years. Here’s to many more!


Happy anniversary to all members who make Tu D the BEST!

Too many touching memories to pick just a few. I vividly remember feeling that I was home when I joined. Tears the first time people understood how I felt as a newbie PWD. Went straight to my heart. Huge smiles & delight at the creativity of the Making Sense of Diabetes submissions (loved them & Word In Your Hand). Awe & goose bumps at the magnificent Big Blue Test video. Respect for the tireless work of Manny, Andreina, DHF & the admin team who keep us moving forward & providing a safe, diverse venue. Feeling honored to be asked to join the admin team to give back a little to a community that gives so much. Continually amazed at the knowledge & kindness shared here.

Happy birthday TUdiabetes!

Too many, as mentioned but…

*Meeting, interacting, sympathizing and laughing with my Special Friends from TuD.

*Sharing a small part of Life with our Wonderful and Dear Friend Sandy.

*I enjoyed seeing all the “Word In Your Hand” offerings.

*Talking to Richard while he was in the process of creating and publishing his Wonderful book.

Happy 4th Anniversary TuDiabetes!!! and ThankYou. :slight_smile:

When I joined I was lost and felt so alone. You welcomed me and cheered for me. I feel that you are my on line family. Happy birthday.

Ok done the survey but entered the wrong year that I joined. Judith you know that everybody here will help you just ask us! Manny was one of the 1st (if not the 1st) to welcome me. That feeling of belonging made me feel so good!


TuDiabetes sure expanded my Diabetes Horizon. Happy Fourth Anniversary! Your last sentence says it all: Here’s to many more years of support, sharing information and raising awareness together!!

This is so awesome Johnben… you and your wife are fighters! :slight_smile:
Hope to get there health and no complications…

Hey Manny just wanted to say it dosen’t seem like 4 years already (weeell guess those 2 years I took off for various reasons have something to do with that)

Yes our children ALWAYS come 1st no matter what!!! But you also seem to have Type 2 down too.

Favorite memories from my years with TuD:

*Manny welcoming me and asking what a private voice instructor was
*the poetry contest and book publication
*becoming an admin
*MEETING my dear, dear friends in person
*celebrating a successful Type 1 pregnancy

i agree i like the creative contest. I would not enter. but i like seeing the results

I have belonged to a chicken raising forum for years and have become close to many people from that site. But I just didn’t get a lot of connection with diabetes… so when I joined here and realized that there is just as wonderful a place here… it totally made this horrible diagnosis better.

Because of all the support on here I had the knowledge to treat my diabetes at home (with diet and exercise) all those weeks before I met with my cde for the first time. By the time I got there, I didn’t have any questions, my bs had been perfectly normal for days and I taught her some things I learned on here!!

This is a wonderful place… thank you for making it so friendly and educational!

So cool! :slight_smile: Thanks Danny
Here is what I found! :slight_smile: I am sure I have more… Enjoy!