6.5 on target for the day

Another great satrt to the day blood sugar/glucose reading 6.5 my target is 7 so well done ramundow again take my daily dosage of victoza at 8am you have to take it at the same time each day and keep it sperate from your insulin sites so insulin left half of lower tummy victoza right side remembering is the key.

Food wise saturday was not a good day lots of visitors so no set meals this does upset my is karma a bit,I feel so embarresed sometimes sticking needles into my body out in public like seeing a mother breast feeding her baby I never know where to look, look away is ok for me.

Still puzzled by the long tine wart/growth on my face next to my nose feel good about it as it was unsightly and not good when shaving what a chore each day, we have 5 birthdays in 4 weeks samantha sandra jason stuart and patricia lots of candles although our youngest child is 37 never get that many candles on a cake and if did my kids would be very unhappy now at 62 coming up to 63 i do not mind myself.

Breakfast about 8am 50 units of insulin already taken my morning medication heart prostrate pills all 10 of them it takes some discipline to keep up with the regime and I am not the best at keeping track of things.

Very few side effects from the victoza slight tummy upset at first did not go to the toilet for 3 days but apart from that al seems to have passed off ok, the diabetic doctor was surprised at how few side effects I reported, but to be honest I have that many aches and pains I guess I ould never have noticed anyway he did ask me if I had lost any weight I do not think so but I feel better in myself if that makes any sense.