6 Months Since Last Doctor's Appointment

Well, I must be doing something right! I saw my Endocrinologist today. My a1c was 6.3. Kidney function is good, cholesterol is good. He is happy with my progress and so am I. But will I ever be glad when I get my self regulating pump!!!:blush:


I agree that managing glucose well in “manual mode” is a chore. It is better (and I think easier) to be good at it rather than poor at it.

While using an automated insulin dosing system is nice, it still requires a certain amount of attention to keep it on track. It is such a relief, however, to offload a good deal of the cognitive work to a machine.

Are you waiting on the Tandem Control-IQ imminent release or do you have some other system in mind?

Congrats on your good numbers from your latest doctor visit!


Great Job! Sounds like wonderful success!

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Thankyou! I am hoping that Medtronic will have their 780 bluetooth enabled pump by February 2021. It will sure make alot of the
Work load off of managing this condition.