The water margin

Woke up this morning to a bit of a storm the rain pounding on our bedroom window kinda gave me the idea it was raining a lot, I struggled out of bed put my slippers on stepped over the cat who was spead out legs in the air under the central heating radiator she knows a hot spot when she feels one. I wondered down stairs creaking in all of my body joints must be getting older, the two flights of stairs do nothing for my knees but there is no other way to get to our kitchen, once in the litchen I put the kettle on for my morning cup of tea by this time smudge had also made her way into the kitchen she is never far behind me she went to the cupboard with her food in it started scratching the door that is her way of telling me she wants her breakfast so I sorted her out by the way she is now sitting by my feet cleaning herself from top to bottom as ats do reaching parts only a cat can reach.

On the menu this morning for smudge was Asda tiger turkey with tender fillets with bacon and chives crikey sounds good to me only thing missing is some anchovies on the top, if anyone from Asda/Walmart is listening smudge is prepared to try other varieties if they come buck free no charge free gratis.

As I type this mornings blog smudge is sleeping back under the warm radiator it is a terrible life being a cat, for me it is medication time all 10 pills and 80 units of insulin with my toast perhaps I should stretch out under the radiator and go to sleep for the day sounds purrfect to me ta for now Ramundow

Curling up by the heater and sleeping the day away sounds wonderful to me too! :slight_smile:

Agree to that too!