90 Dexcom Refill issue

My company recently switched from BCBSIL to FloridaBlue.

I got my first 90 supply of Dexcom Sensors/Transmitter from Floridablue on 2/4/2020. I’m now trying to order my next 90 days so they arrive before I run out of supplies.

After talking to many many people I’ve been told by Florida blue its their policy you can not order more until you hit day 90. I told them that makes no sense because on day 90 I will be out of sensors. Even if my Dexcom provider mails them that day it will take 4-5 days to arrive. So they are forcing me to be out of supplies every 90 days.

On follow up calls they said I should ask my doctor to write my prescription for more then 90 days. I still don’t see how that solves the problem.

Has anyone else had an insurance issue like this and if so what was the resolution?

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This is my constant nightmare with all supplies. We all become hoarders. I am with BCBSKS now and they have been accommodating. I was with UHC for 2 years before this and they stunk! They would only send 1 transmitter at a time.

I can only recommend restating your sensors to give yourself a cushion. I currently have a 2 sensor cushion from restating my sensors. I know that folks here have restarted their sensors and get an additional 10 days (20 days total from 1 senor. I typically get another 5-6 days.

Here is the link about restarts. I use a guitar pick, it is so easy.


I’m aware of the restart hacks but haven’t resorted to trying them so far. This morning I was convinced they were mistaken and this couldn’t possibly be the base. You have to completely run out to order more.

What if it was insulin, would they tell people sorry you just have to have none for 4-5 days?

If they ship every 90 days, plus 5 day ship time, you would be receiving every 90 days. My supplier does same. Or are they shipping new order based on your receipt date + 90?

Going a couple days wo sensor, or doing restarts should help build buffer.

Yes. I am currently going without a sensor for a day or 2 in between sensor changes to try and get a lead on the supply shipments. 1 extra sensor could make all the difference. Could you call in 1 as failed and have them ship one? I’m sure you’ve had 1 fail at some time. Those failures cause the whole shipment pattern to become really lagged if I don’t call them in.

I just got my next batch of sensors and didn’t have to go without. Like you said I did have a sensor fail after a couple days which led to me having a little extra time buffer.

Still I only like the setup of if all sensors work as expected I will likely I have no sensor for a few days.

Or if the last sensor fails I have no extra to use while waiting for Dexcom to send a replacement.

If you get a 90 day supply I don’t think its that unreasonable to be allowed to order your next 90 days around day 75 to allow for shipping. Also that allows us to slowly build a small buffer of sensors.

I currently have a buffer of 2 sensors, so if you are gonna run out, just IM me. I pick up on Monday.

Sensor failed. Dexcom says to expect an hour wait time on the phone. Make that a buffer of 1 sensor.

MIght check and see if you can get your sensors through your Pharmacy Benefits. I had real good luck with CVS. So far same day order and pickup.

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Here is dexcom search by zipcode to find pharmacy and list of plans that cover G6 (and maybe G4/G5)


Check frequently, my plan was just added this year. Lower cost and easy refill at local pharmacy.

For G6 users, a $140 discount is available.


In this section

Voucher Offer—Up to $140 in Co-Pay Savings!†

Commercially insured patients may be eligible to save up to $140 in co-pays on the Dexcom G6 components. If they have not activated their offer, have them visit dexcom.com/pharmacyoffer or register for them.


Damn it! 2nd sensor failure. Applicator got stuck. Thats never happened to me before. Buffer = 0. I’m totally out.

I know its too late but I did see some people saying hitting the applicator got it unstuck. I realize that might be tough since its attached to you and might hurt.

I’m sorry its bad luck that happened on the last sensor when you have no backups.

If you have at least one sensor fail per-90 days you should have a buffer. I’ve found Dexcom is good about replacing sensors when I get false lows. I’ve probably have 2-3 sensors replaced because more then once they alerted I was 50 when finger pricks had me at 100+

EDIT: Sorry I just saw how late I am replying