A bucket with a hole

Although my feet feel very cold my heart is full of warmth

Although my nose is turning blue the snow does it fall

Although I Wish for better days I kneel and i do pray

Although I tinker on my best days seem far away

Although I look around me no noise the silence say

Although I wonder far and wide my shadow it does follow

Although I ask myself each day will it be better tomorrow

Although I look to you for help I eel like a dog with a bone

Although sometimes in my heart it is but a stone

Although The World is full I sometimes feel alone

Although this needle in me goes I cannot feel my toes

Although the medication I do take I still feel so low

Although the World stumbles on for me feels so slow

Although the bird does sing or make a racket like a crow

Although with each tick of my heart no more shall I grow

Although the spring summer autumn winter comes and goes

Although the snow it fall a snowman cannot blow his nose

Although our cat cannot speak he does sometimes meow

Although I cannot go on for ever each has a sell by date

Although I hope and pray pease God give me another day