A cool dr visit today :)

My doc is awesome! LOL! I know… we don’t hear that very often. I went in for my check up and brought my SugarStats.com print out with me for the past 3 months. He showed me where I could raise my insulin and adjust as I need it:) We worked out how to get everything I need with prescriptions on base til Stephen is deactivated too:)
My Doc is actually making it easier for me to deal with this"D" than I thought was possible. For the first time… I after years of this before finally walking into the “zone” of helping myself… I feel free to be me and walk with instead of against “Mr. D”

Happy for you MeadowLark. Im glad things are working out good for you. Well done!

Hi: :slight_smile:

That’s so Great to hear Meadowlark. :slight_smile: Finally! You’re right. You have to go with the tide towards Good Diabetes Care. I’m so Happy that you have an Excellent Dr. now. They are out there. Good for you and your Family too.