A ? for the caregivers out there

Ok I just need to chat a little my husban has been Dx for a month now and he has been doing really good he has not needed insulin in almost three weeks so he is doing good and I’m so proud of him. But I have noticed that I am not really taking care of my self. Ever sence the Dx I really don’t wanna eat I mean I have a really bad relationship with food as it is. But now I have found myself going days without eating and I don’t even realize. Now I am eatting more then I was when I posted something like this before but it’s still not good.

I think I jsut wanna know if I’m alone in this or has any other caregiver dealt with this in the first few months or anytime?

Its hard being a caregiver, but try to relax or you will make yourself ill. It is important to eat light, nourishing meals so that you can keep yourself healthy.

I am not a caregiver of a diabetic but am a caregiver. Sounds like you have more going on and should talk to your doctor. If your husband is a capable adult he needs to care for himself with support from you. Nancy