A Mother's Anthem

As I have mentioned many times, about a year after my son's diagnosis with diabetes I joined the world of the Internet and found an amazing group of people in Jeff Hitchcock's Children with Diabetes Parents online mailing list. In those days there was no Facebook or Twitter. I had no other support but this group of people that I would email with and they would reply. Over the years many of these online names have become some of my closest friends who have been there for me, been there with me, and kept me going when I wasn't sure if I could do it.

This was (and is) a very diverse group. There were people with strong opinions, people with wide shoulders and people who were incredibly talented at putting their words to paper. Linda Kaniasty was one of those talented people who put the feelings of many parents into words. Her poem, A Mother's Anthem has been a fixture on one of the pages of my website for years.

Recently it has been used to created a film. Sucscita Films took this poem and gave it a face for "Children with Diabetes UK." and their national diabetes week. The poem was powerful. The video will reduce you to tears. Each time I watch it, more memories return and more tears flow.
Please visit http://diabetesadvocacycom.blogspot.ca/2012/06/mothers-anthem.html to continue reading and to watch this amazing video!

Is an amazing video! Thanks for sharing it.