Rip Off Stories

I went on vacation with about 15 other family members on my wife’s side. We went to be beach so everyone saw my pod and wanted to know how it was working–did I like it and all those type questions. On day two I pushed through a heavy metal door that never opened all the way and always closed back real fast and -----RIP—I was dangling my pod off my arm. My in-laws asked, doesn’t that hurt and I truthfully answered them–HECK YES IT HURTS!!!

A few minutes later I came out of my room with a pod on a different arm. The in-laws that did not know about the rip off looked at me later and said wasn’t that on the other arm. And I get to tell my story over and over. Three day later I changed my pod and began getting those looks again.

What were they looking at??? I pretty much put my pod in a place hidden. Just think if you have a pump with tubing and everything!!! I have never ripped off a pod, but did have one just fall off…I had been swimming alot, showering alot…and it just fell off. At least it is fast and easy to replace it! Hope you had a nice vacation!

Wow. Think of all those newly educated (or confused!) Hope you had fun.

My rip off story isn’t quite as exciting as yours is, Robin M. About a month ago my little grandson was visiting from out of state with his mother. He was excited to be here as we were to have him here. I went to greet him as he came in the front door of our house and you guessed it - I didn’t ‘clear’ the doorway enough, knocked the pod completely off my arm. Yes, it does hurt. I like your story better…lots more chances to get the funny looks. :slight_smile:

p.s. My DH who is not diabetic said, “Why the heck did you put it on your arm anyway”…duh?

I wish they made more info kind of in your face like why not have a commercial for the Omnipod, as well as other pumps so it’s IN YOUR FACE when you watch tv, you can’t miss it just like the viagra commercials? Or at least a Diabetes awareness type commercial?? We’d get alot less “looks” and questions. It is very hard to make people aware. I personally dont mind the questions but there are those days when all you do is repeat yourself like a broken record!!

hmmm… well there was this one time i was at school. helping out with the day care. n me n my friends were like playing on the slide n the pod was on my side n there was this gap on the slide n i went down the slide n it got caught n it got riped off. n im like owch… my friends freaked out… n yea

I have had some similar stories. Mostly doorways. The most annoying one is when it happens with a new pod!!! I have also had it happen while walking down a row of a crowded train and it got caught on someones backpack.

I was just getting back from a day of boating on the river… I had a stapless cover up dress over my suite and went to put in in the washer… well i forgot about the pid being on and the dress got stuck between the pod and hte sticky part and dropped to the ground… OOPPPS

i rolled over in bed once and ripped it clean off my arm. no joke. it was like 4am, i was dead tired, not sure why i woke up, and i was pissed beyond all comprehension that i had to get up and put a new one on.

i’ve also done the run-into-the-doorway-and-knock-the-pod-off…although one time the cannula was still in me so my husband used duct tape to get me through the night. i’ve also used bandaids to hold it in place. can’t waste insulin!!!

I also had one come off my arm while sleeping, but I blame it on the adhesive ripping. I have lost many pods wake boarding, skim boarding, bodysurfing, and tubing… I’ve learned to go to shots while doing any one of those activities :slight_smile:

I didn’t ‘rip’ mine off yesterday, but the rain took it from me…
I had put a new pod on Friday evening, and yesterday (Saturday) I competed in a triathlon. I had the pod on my back, and usually it is just wet from the swim and then on the bike and run, it’s just ‘wet’ from my sweat, but it still holds fine. Well yesterday it started raining on us about 6:45 (original race start at 7:15 and delayed start finally began at 8:00) and didn’t stop for basically the entire race. I was soaking wet until about 1:00 pm when I finished, and when I removed my tri top after the race, the pod just fell out of my shirt onto the ground. So I’m not sure at what point it quit (sometime in the run I think, but I’m not sure), but the rain ‘ripped’ it off yesterday :slight_smile: a small red spot where the cannula had been, but otherwise no major issues…I actually had great numbers for the entire race though, so I was happy despite the annoying pod mishap.

Most often I will wear my pod on my arm. I seem to have had bad luck early on when I put on a T shirt or am drying off after a shower. I kinda forget that it’s there and riiiiip…but I guess it’s good that I don’t even remember that it was there in the first place.

When I get those wierd looks and people ask me what that thing is on my arm, I tell them that my wife fitted me with a GPS tracker. It’s more fun that way.

One reason for joining this group was to get advice on where to obtain a band to protect the Pod when its on my arm. After reading the posts I realize that I am not the only one that rips these things off (more often than I like) and no one else seems to be suggesting they have a source. Sometimes crowds are nice, this is not one of those times.

If you are looking for something really secure, try using an elbow wrap you can buy at the pharmacy. I bought one at walgreens to try; I bought a size L and I think I actually need an XL to prevent the pod from pushing into my arm too much (I had some pain that made it feel like I had hit a muscle w/ the cannula). Besides that or the other wrapping options mentioned by members in many other discussions, there’s not a whole lot to do. Sorry the group has not been more helpful for you in finding the magic formula for wearing your pod without ripping it off…